Thursday, April 10, 2014

Totally Obsessed ::: Clarisonic Cashmere Cleanse Luxe Brush Head

All photos by {accordingtoame}

About two months ago, after catching my eye like a piece of amazing jewelry in the Nordstrom beauty department, I picked up a couple of the newest brush heads from Clarisonic, in some kind of sick and twisted experiment in "how many times can I do this to myself before I learn."  The Alien Death Ray Gun is normally relegated to the nether corners of my closet, because I just cannot part with it for some reason. 

Well, maybe this time I don't have to.  I am sure several longtime readers of this literary masterpiece I call a blog are trying to pick themselves up off the floor after falling out of their chairs from shock.  

Part of the problem with every experiment with this torture device in the past was the brush heads being far too rough on my face. My skin is ludicrously sensitive, and I am allergic to everything.  There is "something" in or on the acne care brush that gives me an epic rash, and the deep cleansing one does something similar, and the delicate brush is too rough for me.   In the past, every single time I'd use it, I'd have a wild reaction in the form of a rash or zits. It made no difference what cleanser I used, which brush it was, and how often I used it. If I so much looked at it, I broke out, and I eventually gave up.  

Why did I think this might be different?  Well, the way the bristles felt was unlike any of the others. These were softer hairs than before, and much longer, which meant they had more give, and were less stiff on the face.  Another key factor was the taper, meaning they're not all one length. There also seems to be less bristles overall, which helps them move better on the skin.  A huge positive for me is that the difference in quantity, shape and length means that the brush dries faster and better than before, and there's less likely to be a germ farm growing on your brush. I decided it was worth a try, and thankfully this time my experiment didn't backfire in the worst way possible. 

I still only use this Alien Death Ray Gun about 3 times a week max, any more than that just pushes it with my skin.  I started with just once a week, and didn't react, so after two weeks sans reaction I stepped up to twice. Once I made it through two weeks, I knew I was probably ok, and stepped up again to three.  I have been there now for about a month and can definitely see that my skin is handling the device well, and I feel like I am finally seeing what all the buzz was about.  Sounds great, right? 

So, what's the catch?  The catch is that these brushes are more expensive than the regular selection, because, yknow, they are "Luxe." Not by much, but enough that you're not going to stock up. They're only sold individually right now, so no special two-packs, at least not yet.  The brush is also wicked tall, coming out of the head, and if you're pushing it on space, that might be a problem.  

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