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1 ::: I know what you're saying..."More hair stuff?" Yes...more.  It's a sickness. And this isn't even the whole of it.  Among a ton of other products, I have been trying out the Davines Color Conditioner in Copper and Davines Melu Conditioner lately. I also bought more NouNou shampoo, after having a pleasant experience trying out the little "mini" I bought in Chicago a couple years ago at Bravco (that place is like setting my wallet on fire!). I like that the products are more natural, and the Melu especially has been doing great things for the ends of my hair while I grow it back out. 

Speaking of, I recently picked up some Viviscal to see if that works for me. I am not a fan of the non-vegetarian ingredients, but the reviews on this stuff sound pretty convincing. I am keeping track of the growth, so we'll see how it goes. I suspect this will be a lot like Latisse, in that it takes a while to see results.  I also got myself some "Hair, Skin and Nails" from It Works! to compare. Based on reviews, those seem to work significantly faster. I may alternate the two and do kind of a combination test.  

Just in the few weeks I've used Viviscal, my nails are growing ridiculously quickly, and I need to trim those every few days, vs every week, or I will lose an eye putting in my contacts, but it's too soon to really have noticed much in the hair growth department.

2 ::: Even though I love my IT! Cosmetics blush stain, I wanted to see if my skin would take to a cream or gel blush for the warmer months.  After trying a few products that I am not allergic to (the Nars Multiples, for example), I settled on the Josie Maran Coconut Water Cheek Gelee. The colors are vibrant but sheer and they blend really nicely into my skin, even after I've started my makeup.  Most importantly, they dry down to my skin and don't just sit on it. I picked up this duo from QVC, for only a few bucks more than one cost at Sephora!  Poppy Paradise is my favorite so far. Her website also has a few shades not seen elsewhere.  Review forthcoming!

3 ::: Also hitting my beauty radar, complete with the bleeps, the sweeps and the creeps,  was the newest foundation from Bare Minerals, the liquid "Bare Skin" formulation.  I pre-ordered it right when it became available to do so.  I went with Bare Ivory, because it looks like it will be the closest match to Golden Fair, which is what I normally wear.  I literally JUST got it over the weekend and did a quick test. I will tell you that three drops was A LOT of product just trying to test it on my hand for photos and the directions mention 6 for the whole face. That seems like a hell of a just keep that in mind!  I cannot wait to try this out on my face, though I am a little wary of the brush application and may end up using the Beauty Blender instead, just based on my trial run on my hand. Review forthcoming. 

Photo via Hitha on the Go (woops, I see underwear right on top!)

4 :::  I am absolutely loving this tutorial on packing a duffel bag from Hitha on the Go. If you read my "ninja packing" posts a while back, you noticed that I am a total duffel-bag traveler and have managed to work it out so both my husband and me can get our stuff in one bag with room to spare.  But you probably also noticed the absolute absence of images depicting "how I actually put the stuff in the bags." FAIL.  I may have to do a "repost" with updates on packing using my packing cubes to actually show the assembly this time around.  *notes to self, work on that. like, travel somewhere else besides to mom and dad's or something.*

Photo via Flight001

In an effort to elevate my game, I switched to the SpacePack cubes from Flight001 I spoke about around Christmas.  We've used them several times already, between work trips and weekend flings and the amount of compression is remarkable compared to the totally high-end Ziploc XXL I was using before.   When it's both of us, I use a clothing one for each of us, and put all of our underwear and socks into the underwear cube. When it's just me, I can get all of my stuff into a clothing one, underwear and socks included, leaving plenty of space for my ridiculous plethora of vanity accoutrements.  Bitch be vain, yo. 

I also was finally able to order my Lo&Sons Catalina in Thistle, pictured so beautifully above (I missed the window and ended up on the wait list for the last several months!), and I am excited to see how my packing routine changes with that addition. That bottom zip section was the HUGE seller for me.  The color was worth the long wait--I love it.  

Want one of your own? In addition to a giveaway, it looks like StyleMePretty has teamed up with Lo&Sons to offer a 20% off code through April 30, 2014 using code SMPAPRIL2014 (note: cannot be stacked with any other code or offer!) I never win those damn giveaways so seeing a great code is usually my incentive to jump on it. Get one now before they go back on Wait List! 

Watch for a review slash packing how-to update with this bad boy. 

Photo via Sea of Shoes  ::: OMG THAT HAIR. I WANT IT.

5 ::: Speaking of travel related goodness ::: I mentioned on Monday about Glamour's amazing new site. One of the great posts on Glamour's new site is a Beauty Road Trip with the amazing Jane Aldridge, the gorgeous redhead behind Sea of Shoes. Obviously, I am a bit biased in her favor because of her flame-haired and flawless-skinned awesomeness.  However,  we're in the DFW area a couple times a year to be with family, and I am super psyched now to check some of these spots out.  I have a ridiculously long list of places that my equally adventurous, and totally non-shopaholic, mother-in-law is going to get to experience with me.  Lucky her. 

What's on your radar lately? Care to share in the comments?

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