Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Update ::: A Kick Ass Life

All images of Bobbi Brown by Alice Gao 

A really awesome interview went up recently on Refinery29 with Bobbi Brown. The recently appointed Editor-In-Chief of Yahoo!Beauty, and all around beauty and self-confidence badass, has some pretty incredible words of wisdom to share.  

I've read in the past that she's pretty huge on daily workouts and as mentioned again in this piece, she starts every morning with a smoothie.   I need to get on that bandwagon, because, well, her skin, her hair, her body, OH MY HELL.  If I didn't know she was in her 50s because she says so...well, no fucking way.

Other than the awesome advice, and the great attitude she has, her push for everyone to really gain some great self-confidence--especially teenagers.  For me, one of the best lines of the piece was that her 50's are the "Fuck It" years. That seriously sums her up right there!  

I love her attitude on life and especially aging.  I have some lines around my eyes that I'd love to toss, as well as my "you look angry" furrow on my forehead, but short of a topical ointment, I am terrified of the other options, like lasers and injections.  And I am hoping I can treat my other future decades like I've treated my 30s thus far, essentially with the same "Fuck It" mantra she's got going on. 

Oh--on the subject of Bobbi and her products--I finally got around to updating the Nectar and Nude collection post with photos and thoughts on the Apricot Shimmer Brick. Check it out!

Speaking of self-confidence, not long ago it was announced that the American Eagle Outfitters  sister brand, aerie, was going to stop airbrushing and photoshopping its models.  Fantastic news.  

Via Aerie/American Eagle Facebook

Doesn't she look fabulous?  Something to aspire to.  I am hopeful that this turns the tide a little more, especially with the younger generation, and that the world as a whole sees NORMAL BODIES as a more attractive option, and is not so obsessed with this "thigh gap" plague going around. Kudos! 

Photo: Kidde

In the middle of all my assemblies last weekend, I went down to start a load of laundry and restart the drier. On my way back up, I caught the odor of that additive that they use for you to notice when there's a gas leak. I am a bloodhound and notice smell very well, so I immediately ran back upstairs and called the gas company on my cell, who had someone to the house within a half hour.  

They never found an issue, thankfully, but that prompted us to make sure we had working Carbon Monoxide detectors.  We apparently did have them, just still in their packaging. Doing us a lot of good there. So I tore them open right then and set them all around the house.  Hopefully there isn't any real issue, and we don't have an experience where these suckers go off.  Or yknow, an explosion. Paper is really good kindling. And obviously I have an awful lot of that! 

Because I don't do enough fun stuff with paper, I ordered myself a Laura Hooper Calligraphy Starter Kit a few weeks back, and I got it last week. I finally got a chance to take it out of the box to take photos of it, though not yet to actually play with it. It is absolutely stunning. A practice notebook with my name on it in her gorgeous handiwork, nibs and a pen, ink...amazing!  I seriously cannot wait to sit down and start practicing.  I glance at it off to the side on my drafting table (the backdrops of most of my photos) when I am sitting at my desk and get excited at the prospect.  Everyday there are new photos on her Instagram feed of all the workshops and I seriously salivate!  

Excuses, excuses! ::: My apologies for the sporadic posting this last two weeks, and probably the next few on top of it. I made certain that I sat down and worked on the art for these previously written posts (well, one got bumped to bring you the Heartbleed post...) during a lull in assemblies over the weekend.  I felt like you've been awfully patient and deserved a week of new content this week before I end up being a little flaky for a couple more weeks.

I still have a few more orders to fulfill for late Spring and Summer weddings.  My clients absolutely come before my blogging, and I know you understand that!  I almost always am successful in scheduling my fulfillments not to overlap so that I can still allow for life to occur, but unfortunately it didn't quite work out like that this time, regardless of my Fantastical2 and Day Designer planning.  Please stand by...I appreciate your patience!

Enjoy this (finally) AMAZING weather!

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