Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wish me luck...

I am starting with a trainer tonight, hopefully he can whip some shape into me. I'd like to be less of "a" shape, even temporarily. I have to cram myself into a bridesmaid dress in less than a month, and as of now I don't think it will zip!

How dare food be tasty and anywhere within a 30 mile drive of me at any time. It just jumps right in my mouth. All by itself. True story!

We'll see how it goes. I am extremely busy trying to finish off Summer weddings at the moment so I am really trying to balance getting that in without eating into my assembly timeframe at night, so that I can still be in bed by 10 for my 545am wakeup call (serenity now!)


  1. Good luck! Who are you using?

  2. I went with Thomas. The girl gave me an option when I started setting it up and my friend Nikki recommended him highly so I went with it. She was right. And I like his approach. So hopefully I can at least get through the next few weeks doing that, and maybe then go to once a week or so with a trainer. I have got to get with it. Especially with the hand-to-mouth eating disorder I have going on.

    I did 5min on the eliptical then we did the workout. It was about 30 minutes and I want to pass out and I've been home for like 45 minutes. haha I am FAT. Like wicked huge. I should not have looked at the sheet with my numbers.

  3. I haven't let Tyler take mine for a while. Actually, he wanted to do it on Monday, and I totally refused. It just sucks cause I keep losing the same 5-10 pounds again and again. The only way I drop anything is if I only eat 700-800 calories a day, and that makes me miserable. There is something seriously wrong with me.

    Thomas is the little guy with the glasses, right?

  4. Yea he's not really "little" but I guess compared to say, blake, he is. lol

    I liked him. I have no idea how well I will do on the diet portion of this adventure.

  5. Look at his ankles next time. They are super skinny. I wish I had ankles like that. He's also like 6 inches shorter than Andy and Tyler, hence the little moniker. :)

  6. What gym are you at? Good Luck girl. I know you can do it. The girls and I have been walking Grants Trail everyday for 2 hours. I need to get a pedometer so I can actually figure out how many miles it is.


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