Thursday, May 13, 2010

I think I need a 'segment' about Etsy, aka holy spending trap..which segues poorly into purses..

Etsy is friggin' awesome. It's like your favorite little boutique mixed with a fleamarket mixed with a vintage shop mixed with some kind of bespoke design shop. I have purchased way too many things from various artisans, and in some cases many from the same. I have a ridiculous list of favorites and favorite items, though not enough funding to actually buy all of this stuff.  But as far as regular sellers go on there, Valhalla Brooklyn has been on my list forever, and I am dying to get a bag from her. I am hopeful she's willing to someday consider a "custom" job, because some of her bags are perfect except that I like them tall and not wide.  Her bags are just the right amount of structured with the zips and pockets (though I do wish there were sections for the interior...) and totally unstructured and dare I say Boho. Which is really not my typical look.   My "look" is pretty...non-looky.  Prior to this new job with the business casual attire requirement 4 of the 5 days, I was in jeans, running shoes or flipflops or Frye Harness Boots (or Uggs which is a recent development), and a tshirt or multiple layered tshirts and tanktops. I had quite a serious layering thing going on. Probably would count as a uniform.  My closet would make Stacy and Clinton yawn, gag and cry.  Speaking of which--anyone want to nominate me, you go right ahead. Ted Gibson seems to actually care what people want for their hair, so I am content that he will keep my hair flamingly orange and long.

So part of my look is that I carry a pretty similar bag all the time (well I carry the same bag with nearly every outfit for every activity for like a year months before I find something new).  A few of you have seen the type of purse, or as my dad calls it "luggage", that I carry. I have somehow developed a bizarre set of criteria for the purses I buy.

1) HUGE. As in tall and wide enough (at least square, but prefer that it be taller than wider), to hold at least 2 magazines, my freaky big wallets, my phone, my "walgreens in a makeup bag", my keys, my business cards, and occasionally paper samples and if need be a smaller "portfolio" of sample invitations and price sheets/policy sheets in the event that I get contacted by a potential bridal client that would like to meet right after work.  Gotta be prepared.  And I like to use these bags as carryons, and pack as much as I can for a flight into it so I don't have to check too much since we usually bring one big bag for the both of us, and clothes take up room and are heavy.

2) Preferably has some sort of additional strap that can allow for either crossbody wear, or folded over. I know that my red Mini City by Foley + Corinna (which is currently retired) has made me subject to veiled threats of theft by a few friends of mine, and of acquaintances, and RSW's wedding guests.  It really was luscious, and if it was not so rare that it would be impossible to replace, Id still maybe be carrying it (ok probably not. I like to buy new ones.)

3) Compartments. Specifically the interior, I like to have two full sections in the inside at least, not just pockets, full on sectioning. As disorganized and slovenly as I am, it makes me feel slightly less of a slob.

4) Apparently I prefer camel bags. I don't know how that red one got in there, it was amazing but I am just as boring with purses as I am with shoes apparently. What kind of a designer am I.

5) $500 or less, though somehow that crept up on me from like $200 or less. And I fear that with age this will multiply. Though by my 40th (I know, this is an impossible dream) I would love to have a Birkin.  What says "welcome to your golden years" like a ridiculously hard to find, ludicrously expensive, beyond luxurious purse from the hoity-toitiest of all purse makers. Probably an Over the Hill party filled with black balloons and a bunch of stupid cards about how I am so old my boobs sag so low I can kick them.  (Hey, that party trick could make me a fortune! Then Joan Rivers can come check out my house on How'd you Get so Rich!)

Right now, I am carrying a Linea Pelle Dylan Zip Tote in Scotch. It's effectively perfect, though I think the zippers are a tad rough and annoying. And I had to makeshift a 'crossbody' strap. It replaced the stolen Diesel that is completely impossible to replace. I am currently "on the prowl" for a new bag. 

Since starting this new job I have noticed that not only has my layering uniform thing continued, it has progressed a little. I actually look like I might be employed in any sort of professional environment, instead of like someone who might have just fallen out of bed after a bender to collect an undeserved unemployment check. I find myself wearing khakis(!) and "Dress Slacks" and "trouser jeans" with cardigans, and nicer tank tops.  And of course, the crocs mentioned earlier.  Hey, I look good from the ankles up. Give me this.

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