Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW: ShadowLiner by Smashbox

I picked up the Smashbox TSV last year through QVC (Beauty Shortcuts) and I am IN LOVE with the shadowliners now! The first one (only one I kept actually) came with a shade called Starstruck, which is like a figgy brownish shade (brownish plumish). I also bought the Shadowliner in Hollywood, which is kind of a bronzey brown color. Both came with the brush to do it, which is pretty amazing in terms of value, those brushes cost like $30 a pop usually, and QVC packages them together with the product. (PS: I love LOVE love QVC. Love.)

So in the pics, I have the jars shown. On the left is Starstruck, on the right is Hollywood.  In the images where it's on me, you can't REALLY tell a difference, but if my nose is on the left, it's Hollywood, and if my nose is on the right its Starstruck.  And don't mind the fact that I look wasted in the no-mascara photos.

I usually used Mac Fluidline in Rich Ground with a very similar brush to the one Smashbox provided, though smaller and thinner. I love that because it's the perfect size line...and slightly smokey. Who doesn't want their freshly applied makeup to look like a next day hooker right out of bed?'s the pics in the jar and on my hand.

For reference...I am pale yellow. Like...Jaundicey Olivey Gross. It is a bitch to find foundation and spackle for this mug.  I found two colors that work but my face totally eats it.  

In these photos where I am all painted up, here's what I have on:
•Foundation was Laura Mercier Oil Free in Porcelain Ivory (pretty bang-on)

•Concealer was Mary Kay in Ivory Correcting
(which some misguided boob discontinued!)

•Sonia Kashuk (?) Translucent Powder.  A Lot of it.

•Eyeshadow is Smashbox in Pronto
(shimmery ivory, I'm boring, what of it)

•Mascara is Maybelline Full N Soft WP in Black

•Brow Pencil in my red brows is Maybelline in Auburn
(from the little twopack mini pencils--it had all the gay guys in the Bloomingdales UES NYC makeup dept going apeshit. The straight ones didn't care. I think the chick and Bergdorf's commented on how awesome it was also)

You can get the Smashbox Shadow Liners from QVC. The ones QVC sells are vastly superior to the ones sold anywhere else simply because they are packaged "properly" in individual glass jars.


  1. I just think your eyes are purty.

  2. I just giggled like a schoolgirl! THANK YOU RSW


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