Thursday, May 20, 2010

ETSY CRAZINESS: I sense an addiction brewing.

I was reading my new Real Simple while I ate lunch today and as I was browsing through the "Gift Guide" I came across a listing for "This Charming Candy" and their interesting suckers. So I checked out the seller's shop and now I am having to block it out of my mind. Two different lollipop options have me going nuts. First is the Salted Caramel Lollipop shown in this beautiful photo. 

Photo: This Charming Candy's Etsy Store.

Random sidetrack that is semi-related: When I worked at the Agency, we represented Bissinger's for a little while. I say little and I mean it, the owner went through agencies like he went through underwear. It was like he couldn't just allow a job to be completed before he was onto something new. Nothing went together, there was no cohesive direction in the packaging, because every new product had a new agency doing it, despite his repeated claims to want to stick with one agency. Well whatever...

In that time the lovely Anna was doing the packaging for some amazing treats, and of those many different treats, the most amazing was the Salted Margarita Caramels. I loved them. I even went so far as to buy like 48 at once. And I am pretty sure I ate at least half in one day. SO. GOOD. Since then I have not had them often but mostly because finding them is harder. And I don't like ordering what I can in theory buy in person. 

 So when I went to this Etsy shop and saw that as the first flavor available I already felt my mouth wanting one. I am going to see how long I can avoid it. But I will cave.

The other ones that sounded good were the "Celebration Time" sets. Bubble Gum, Cake Batter and Root Beer Float. I LOVE all three flavors in real life, so I bet I am going to love them in a sucker. And from the reviews I read on a particularly amazing and dangerous blog ( about candy, I am also going to love these suckers.

Photo: This Charming Candy's Etsy Store.

We'll see just how long I can hold myself back.

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