Thursday, May 13, 2010

GADGET-GASM: CDMA iPhone might really be coming this the first 4G phone out on June 4th--SHIT!

I read Boy Genius Report every few days because I like gadgets and despite my stunning good looks (HAH) and svelte physique (HAH HAH) I am really just a total dork. For the last year at least there have been loud rumors going around about the iPhone finally hitting a CDMA Carrier--that carrier being the big red V. (Ignore obvious off-color correlations there for now). It's gone back and forth with how long ATT (henceforth known as the debil) would really have this device exclusively. I still don't entirely believe that the exclusive rights end this year, as I seem to recall it really being 5 years, which would mean at least next year, if not the following. Forgive my math, I'm an idiot.

So imagine my surprise, and not necessarily delight but Ill go with it for now, when I see this post:

Could it really be? ...Inneresting.

But the real meat and potatoes of this particular posty post is this:

*squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* (excuse me while I run around my office like a spaz and squeal like a fatty at Jilly's Cupcake Bar)....



Ok I am done.

Anyway...this is a phone I mentioned briefly in my really short Pre review from yesterday as a possible seductress.

I have been impatiently waiting on this phone since I read of it, but because I like my Pre so much I kind of ignored my internal nagging about keeping up with news on it. But now it's officially official and will be out in June. Just last month..or maybe in brother and dad and sister and I were exchanging emails regarding this phone. 4G is the next new thing, it's intented for ridiculously quick mobile internetting and from all the tests I read in the past (I think Gizmodo did them?) it's unbelieveably fast. It's the phone I mentioned could lure me away from my beloved WebOS Pre.

She's a trollop and I have a feeling I will patronize her.

Links for the interested.

Michael this is a good idea for a belated gifty, since your birthday is now going on it's 2nd week. :)



  1. What about the keyboard issue??

  2. I haven't decided that yet. I am fighting with myself. I WISH it had an actual physical keyboard.

  3. I know! I said I'd never buy another phone without a keyboard, but...

    My upgrade doesn't happen until October so maybe something else really cool will be out by then!

  4. You know there will be. I am curious about that new Slider Crackberry too.


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