Saturday, May 15, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Lavish Lift Root Booster

I bought the Root Booster by John Frieda at Walgreens one night after reading a review on another blog, I need to find it because she was bang on.   My hair is long and fine and I have about 5 people's worth of hair on it. Which in turn, makes it kind of heavy and not very voluminous.  It also won't hold a curl very long, despite using Caruso rollers. 

I have since been using it for at least a year. I am on my 4th bottle I think, though I use a LOT of it so that's probably why.

I do not blowdry my hair very often, usually only if I showered during the day and need to be somewhere in a couple hours, or if I showered too late in the evening and need my hair dry in the morning, which is not likely to happen overnight.  So I spray this stuff all over my roots, and down the length, comb through and start drying my hair. I usually start with my head upside down, then start doing my best Donald Trump combover. As long as the root area on the top and back of my head are close to dry I am usually ok to stop there. I almost always do this at night before bed so that when I get up my hair is dry enough to curl.

I was really impressed with this. I don't normally use any sort of styling product in my hair because I don't like that they build up, so this was a new thing for me.  I do feel like it shellacs my hair a little, but it does so in a good way, and it washes out clean when I shampoo.   It made my hair feel much fuller than normal, and the biggest pro was how well it helped hold curl. It's helped both with Carusos and standard hot rollers.  Even through a humid day I get a style that almost lasts all day.  

There are also other products in the line, though I only tried the mousse besides this one, and it's nice on it's own, together they are vavavoom. 

I think it's about $4 a bottle, and for most people it would last a month or more. 

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