Saturday, May 15, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW: Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Kit (Trial Size)


I have been using Mary Kay skincare off and on for at least 15 years. It started when I was introduced to it in High School by a local rep, and then again at College a girl in my dorm was selling it.  But when my cousin started selling it, that's when I really started in on it.  I know a big part of it was that I am REALLY sensitive, especially to scents, in my skincare. I am allergic to everything and develop rashes like crazy.  I almost always end up back at Dove Sensitive Skin bar soap because it doesn't give me any issues. I alternate that sometimes with Mary Kay cleanser as well, Deep Cleanser (?).  

Well as I have aged, my face is starting to actually show it badly around my eyes. I know why my eyes look so much older, it's because of the spackling I do and the squinting, even when I do wear sunglasses I squint. And removing the spackle really attacks the skin.  And then there's the lines on my forehead from the constant growl on my face.

I had started using the Timewise eye cream about 5 years ago when they discontinued the Instant Action one that I adored, it worked pretty well with the concealer they also ruined by changing the formula and the colors. But you're probably getting sick of me complaining about that.  I think that's helped stave some of the wrinkling off, but it's starting to really catch up now. I have also been using the Microdermabrasion Step 1.  

So I decided to step up the anti-aging treatments.  I know a lot of that is trial and error, just finding something that works for your face. I stuck with MK because it's mostly worked for me.  I ordered the little Miracle Kit in a trial set for Oily Skin. My mom likes the Miracle Kit a lot also, and it's probably a good part of why she doesn't look anywhere near her true age.  I just got it last week.  I immediately started with the cleanser on the Alien-Laser-Deathray-Gun and I really like it. I don't think the gun makes any impact in it beyond making it even more lathery than it probably would be, but the way my face feels afterwards is nice, and I don't get any rashes and so far don't feel like I have any new zits. Nothing worse than zits from a cleanser.  

After I towel off with a paper towel, I add the Night Solution (since I wash my face at night in the shower), then the moisturizer that it came with.  It doesn't burn or leave any weird film on my face and it absorbs well.  After about 20 minutes I slather on my Tazorac or Differin depending on where in that cycle I am (I rotate).  In the morning I wipe my face with a damp paper towel to sop up the delightful coating of oil I develop from the Taz or Differin. Then I apply the Day Solution, which has an SPF of 25, followed by the Timewise Moisturizer with SPF 25 (doesn't hurt to double it up).  At first I didn't LOVE the SPF version of the moisturizer but it has grown on me.  On particularly hot days I skip it in favor of the basic MK Combination moisturizer over La Roche Posay Anthelios milk which has a review in the works.  That keeps the oil slick from being as bad as it could be.   Then I apply one of the two MK timewise eye creams and start spackling.  My face feels pretty nice, though so far I have noticed very little in the way of less wrinkling.  So I am going to need to keep using it to see if anything changes. 

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  1. I love the microdermabrasion and Timewise eye firming cream! I'm out of the eye cream right now, and I just feel so...unfinished when I go to bed at night.


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