Saturday, May 15, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW: Laura Geller "The Real Deal Concealer"

I bought this from QVC as well (noticing a theme here?) after a rare concealer presentation on there that I didn't immediately scream "full coverage my ass" to my television thinking that Patti Reilly or Lisa Robinson might actually hear me.   I pay close attention to those, because without concealer, henceforth known as "spackle", I look like I got the shit beat out of me.  I have had these "shiners" my entire life, and the older I get the worse they get.  I have tried every eye cream on earth, especially those that tout that they'll cure my circles, to no avail.  So now the mission has just become to find the most opaque concealer I can.

The model that was given the once-over on this particular product has less ridiculous undereye rings than I do, but they were still noticeable in the before, more so than most.  And this actually appeared to lessen them a pretty amazing degree.  So I ordered it.  I have used it off and on since, and it's been about 6 months since I bought it.  

It says "serious coverage" on the tube, and while it has some decent coverage I am not buying it entirely.  While there is a good degree of coverage there, I would by no means call it serious.  It's more opaque than 90% of the products I have tried, but it is not exactly a magic bullet, and that has been my quest since birth.  I like it for "good skin" days because it covers them enough that I am not going to get glares in public and in photos it seems to help, especially when I dust a little shimmery ivory eyeshadow over it.

The biggest downside to it is that it's not waterproof.  If it were, I might give it a better rating. I rub my eyes a lot, especially in spring and fall when I look possessed.  I mean, my friend Jennifer wins the possessed demon eyes contest every year, but I don't let her run away with the prize easily.  I rub my eyes once and this rubs off. And I can't have that. Because without concealer, people literally ask me if I get beaten and if I need help. 

The biggest upside is that it helps lessen the issue.  I honestly don't think I will ever find something that literally covers my circles completely.  I have tried everything on the market at this point and every time a new product comes out, I am the first in line, and almost every one has been returned.  It is however one of the only three spackle products that stayed in my daily basket though, because I am running out of the Mary Kay concealer that some idiot at Mary Kay decided to change and I cannot for the life of me figure out the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer to save my life. I just cannot make it work even though the chick at Bergdorfs spent 10 minutes trying to train me the right way to do it.  Both are waterproof, though not opaque enough. I just put 10 layers of each on.

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