Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Ode to Dewey's...

Deweys is like heaven on a pizza tray. After hearing all the raves of various friends, coworkers and other random freaks on the street, I told the husband that we oughta try it for lunch one day. That "one day" was a little over a year ago and happened to be a typical Spring Day in St. Louis--meaning it had more weather personalities than Tara's United States.

We headed to the Kirkwood location that day, probably mid-afternoon, and got stellar parking, which is no small feat in Kirkwood on a Saturday. We were seated quickly, in one of the booths along the long wall. Ordered my Diet Crack, er, Coke, and started out with salads, I had the Candied Grape and Walnut, extra dressing, no cheese, and the husband had Peppercorn Ranch. He wasn't sure about his at first but it's grown on him, since he gets it nearly every time we go. Which is pretty often. For someone on WW, I am kind of ashamed to admit that.  Oh who am I kidding, I am so not ashamed.

Aside from the salad, which is so damn good I cannot even put it into words, we usually get the same pizza we tried the very first time we went: X-Pepperoni. There is something "different" about both their crust and their pepperoni: they both actually have flavor. That's pretty rare for a chain pizza company. I have never had pepperoni like this before. It's actually noticeable and flavorful on the pizza and on it's own. And the crust is like a slice of butta. It's not too thin, and definitely not thick, the edges are probably the husband's favorite part, but I am not a crust person. So I eat all the way up to where the sauce, cheese and pepperoni stop, and then I throw that in the discard pile for the husband to snatch up. Ever heard the term NOM? Yea, this is why that word was invented.

And because no meal, even breakfast, is complete without at least 400 more calories of sugary delight, I get dessert. Because the (easily) 1200 I just ingested was not enough, I get the Chocolate Creme Torte, which I believe they bring in from Cravings in Webster Groves. I inhale it. I guess luckily for me, I never have to share, though if I was born with even a tiny ounce of self-control or willpower I would at least wrap half of it up. But I don't. I just hoover it.

I literally was awake another hour in bed dreaming about it last night, which is something I actually frequently do (do skinny people do that or just fat girls?), so I had to post this at 830 in the morning. As if I could actually obtain it before dinnertime. I weigh in tomorrow, so unless I go tomorrow night on my own (which is a STRONG possibility) I will just have to wait on it. Boo.


  1. We love Deweys and we live within walking distance from the Kirkwood location. LOVE IT! My favorite is the Billy Goat and Mike loves the Bronx Bomber. Everything there is good though. We also get the peppercorn ranch salad. Yumm...we might need to go tonight now. Thanks.

  2. I fricken love Deweys, esp their house salad with the extra creamy goat cheese, dried cranberries and candied walnuts...mmmm and I always get socrates rrevenge pizza. It's to die for.

  3. Stupid weigh-in tomorrow I curse thee. I am so going tomorrow.

    There was one called the Harvest that I think just got discontinued for the had Dates and stuff. I tried it when my mother in law got it and it was pretty good. But I stick with what I know.

    I do know we got a pizza that was a special one a while back, I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. Maybe the husband will...


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