Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to the ultimate time waster! I mean, besides Facebook, of course!

So, I finally created one of these things, in part, due to popular demand and peer pressure. Apparently there is someone on this earth that actually thought this was a good idea. I'll have you know, I am not that person. But YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...

Since this is the first post of maybe many, depends how much I can come up with to write about, Ill keep this one brief. Apparently I talk a lot, or should I say, I type a lot.

The whole intention of this is for me to share my (usually unsolicited) opinions about ...stuff. Products of varying kinds (probably a lot of beauty related stuff, what can I say, I love that it!), places to buy such products, packaging, design-ey stuff, wedding-related stuff, food and restaurants...pretty much anything I can talk about. Ultimately, I waste the time and money so you don't have to. And tell you why, in so many more words than you would even care to read...and probably show photos in some cases, most that will give you nightmares. I apologize in advance to your eyes. Especially since I am not one to not use "inappropriate language". And usually it's not warranted. I just like the words.

Other things about me that are completely unimportant and trivial facts: I am from St. Louis, I spent 15 years in the Graphic Design / Advertising fields working hard for "the man" and about 6 years ago I started my own design firm, specializing in wedding stationery, etc. It took a really major shove for me to walk away from the full-time job I had slaved in for that many years.  Other than that, I have a sick fascination with jewelry/diamonds, makeup, hair products, candy, TV, magazines, purses, and cell phones. Oh and I eat a lot. I wouldn't call myself a connoisseur or anything, well maybe of junk food. 

...and that, is the First Blog Post According to Ame.


  1. You crack me up and I <3 you! =D

  2. you've put out a ton of posts already for a new blog! Love your reviews, keep em comin!

  3. Thank you! I will!

    If there's anything you guys want me to review I will. I wish I had saved the ones I already put on STLWED (I can remember one was WEN) but I cannot remember what else. I need to rewrite the WEN one I think.


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