Tuesday, July 10, 2012

REVIEWS TO COME...Plus a "note" to all salespeople

I just had a (poorly timed, what with Nordstrom Anniversary this week!) huge haul in Chicago over the weekend. So Ill be busting out a few reviews here shortly after I try everything I got!

A few include PhilipB Russian Amber shampoo (jesus H this stuff is ridiculously priced!), ByTerry concealer pen, Tom Ford concealer pen, and a couple Davines products. I just got home and haven't touched anythign yet. So HOPEFULLY they are all winners.

I will say this...attention all salespeople:  I might not be the richest or the poorest, I know I am not thin by any means, and Saturday I woke up to deal with more phone drama, so I wasn't exactly styled for shopping...but just bec I look like a slob doesn't mean I cannot throw down. So don't be a wench to me if you want to make rent this month.

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