Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Malin+Goetz SPF15 Moisturizer

While in Chicago last week, I stopped in Barneys for one of the less awkward Oak Street shopping experiences I had. At least there they took advantage of my desire to buy things I cannot readily acquire at home, and yknow, acknowledged my existence.  I really liked Andrew, with Malin+Goetz, who is a registered esthetician.  That to me is kind of a big deal, because they're at least trained to understand skin.  By someone not a brand, in theory.  Of the two skincare items I picked up in Chicago, this so far is a definite winner for me, which I hope continues. 

I told him I was looking for a new moisturizer preferably with SPF because the Olay wasn't really working with me anymore for some reason. He pointed me to theirs, and it felt amazing on my hand.  I might want to mention that it's particularly pricey for a 4oz bottle of moisturizer.  $48 specifically. Olay is what, $9? But I liked how it felt, and that the brand was designed by a guy (ok, two) that has some facial/skin issues similar if not identical to my own. I figured it was worth it.

So now a full 10 days into using this product, I really like it. I am trying to make sure it's not too rich for me, for the most part anyway.   I was also given samples of nearly everything in the line, of which I have tried the serum and moisturizing cream. Those two I am not sure about yet, as it's only been two times now. I like the cream, it seems like a winner at night, again, assuming I don't get any superficial whiteheads.  The serum as with all serums I am not expecting to be a winner. I did end up returning the By Terry so I asked that I get a sample of the eye cream as well, since I either lost that or didn't get one. And that's something I clearly need to get into the habit of, judging by those undereye photos. Eek.

The texture of the lotion and of the cream is divine. Fluffy, and rich, and kind of like some kind of nice body butter... but not greasy. It absorbs very well and smells really nice.  So far under makeup it's been great, and hasn't caused any significant 'eating away' issues for me. And considering we're breaking weather records for heat in the 110 range for almost a straight month, that's pretty insane.

I am going to see how I feel about at least the cream, possibly the eye cream if/when I get those samples, and possibly get full sizes of those as well. If my face continues to agree, that could be a great thing.  I still use the La Mer cream from time to time, usually when my face is dry in winter or at night when Im back on the Tazorac/Differin molting cycle.  Which makes me think of another point--when I AM using the Taz/Diff, which I have been now for a few days, it doesn't sting so far. And that is a plus. I hope that it continues to not burn.

Ill try to keep track of this so I can update it later.

For now, here's a link to the SPF 15 moisturizer.  I have been fairly impressed at least with this product so far, and I hope that it continues.

It is available on Barneys site, the M+G site as linked above, Beautybar.com (superfast shipping, btw. I sometimes get my Ted Gibson there!), 3floz.com (not all products, pretty neat site!), Bloomingdales, Beauty.com.  I REALLY wish it was on Nordstrom!

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