Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler

I was needing some replacement pads and or a replacement lash curler, to replace my slightly wobbly one.  Presently, I have an old Shu Uemura that I haven't used in about 4 years probably now, and currently have been using a Shiseido that has since been changed in the last probably 2 years, as I went to get more pads and saw that it was a new shape on the curler--much flatter now.  So I decided that before I reorder a new Shu, since you can't even get that at Sephora anymore and have to buy from the Shu website, I started looking around for a new one. I have a few Tweezerman implements, namely a lash comb (metal pointy things, hooray!) and tweezers, among others, that it might be worth checking out their curler.  As I was buying things on Nordstrom's site with giftcards already (cough BURBERRY CONCEALER!) I decided to toss this into the mix.

I tested it out last night before bed before I put my Latisse on, and was already impressed. It feels pretty hefty, it's solid and not "wobbly" like the Shu and Shiseido seem to be. Though to be fair, I've dropped them a million times.

Here you can see that the Tweezerman is slightly smaller than the Shiseido, and probably a bit more curved. I had concerns since the Shiseido seems to fit my eye almost perfectly. Another key difference that I regret not photographing is that the Tweezerman top-bar part that goes against your lid is less tall, if that makes sense, were the Shiseido is pretty up there. So it takes up more lid than the Tweezerman. I haven't decided if I like that or not.

Something huge and pretty amazing about this is that it comes with a pad IN the curler PLUS 3 additional replacements. Usually maybe ONE spare comes with. That's pretty amazing.  The curler itself is kind of a rose gold shade.

In these pics this is no mascara or makeup at all, just wanted to check the curler out on it's own.

Kind of hard to see here... But you can clearly see the circles and the totally amazing brows that I obviously fill in a bit ;) 

And this is just a BIZARRE shot of what you'd think was the bathroom wall and my husband's towel but was intended to show the curve of the lash from the side.  It took minimal squeeze from the curler to get a really nice lift like that.

They stayed fairly well curled all through the night in my sleep, which is awesome and not what I find typical, not that I often curl my lashes at night before sleeping...

So this morning I tried it out again, with a "side by side" with the Shiseido on one eye and the Tweezerman on the other.

The Tweezerman is on the left in these pics, the Shiseido on the right. Pre-Mascara.

Post Mascara, again, Tweezerman on left, Shiseido on the right.

Weird blown out shot but it worked for showing the lashes.

For those interested, the mascara is the Maybelline Lash Discovery WP as a basecoat with the Full n Soft WP on top for density, and I didn't do any on top of the lashes which I often do. 

Bottom line:  I am really liking this curler, and will keep going with it. What I seem to notice that is a huge positive to me is that it seems to get the lashes on the inner and outer corner better than the Shiseido, and without getting bottom lashes. I thought the curl shape was really nice, and didn't look totally manufactured, if that makes sense.  

The Tweezerman, as well as the current version of the Shiseido which is now a black hematite color, is available at Nordstrom for $20, which is on par with the Shu ($20) and the Shiseido ($19), and comes with extra refills which the others do not.

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