Saturday, July 14, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: By Terry Touche Veloutee Concealer

This might be a record for me to actually DO the review within a week of the purchase...

While on a weekend in Chicago, I was on a mission to obtain and test out a few new products, especially concealers, as I think you are aware by now I have a fixation on.  I know that's a bigger shopping market with significantly better and bigger selections of products to choose from. And I was correct.  One of my first stops was at the Barneys on Oak at Rush, where I knew they sold Kevyn Aucoin, By Terry, and Malin+Goetz.  I have a review on a Malin+Goetz product coming soon, I am trying to get a little more use from it before I decide one way or another--though so far good.

I already have the Kevyn Aucoin concealer and I cannot seem to get that one to work for me either--and Im sure if I could get it to work it would be a winner.

I gave this ByTerry a go, and despite the lovely salesperson telling me I don't have circles (seriously? you're blind.) and just "deep set eyes" (well, duh, but that doesn't negate the fact that I have significant circles!) it seemed lovely though sheer. I was determined to give it a fair try though.  I went with shade #2 which was a really great shade that was warmish with a little olive to it.

The texture is fantastic. Super soft, so silky. Felt amazing on the skin. Considering the woman who developed this product is also the woman who developed that YSL Touche Eclat piece of ew, I figured they'd be pretty much the same, and I was generally right, though this one feels much nicer and had a little more pigmentation.  Not significant enough to be considered a "concealer" since it's really considered a "highlighting pen". 

The brush and pen themselves are significantly larger than any I have ever seen on a similar product on the market.  Compared to the Tom Ford of the same variety that I also purchased while in Chicago, it had double the amount of product. It was also seriously nicely blended, though it did not seem to ever "dry down" enough to stay put.  It did not offer coverage really, and eventually I just ended up piling on actual concealer afterwards.

At the end of the day I wish I'd taken photos of my eyes because this stuff...and the Tom Ford: I looked 50 years old. The way it settled and got patchy and gross as the day wore on and my skin got a bit oilier...I seriously could not wait to get this stuff off of my face.

Here are the before pics, I don't even have moisturizer on here, just as it is out of bed.

And here is the after. This is after about 5 layers. FIVE. I powdered after this in hopes it would not go all over.

And here's a closeup with the brush to show the size. This was after powdering before the rest of my face got started. 

This product retails for $58 (seriously?!) and unless you have no circles or undereye flaws/aging, I give it a "Don't Waste the Money".   I shipped it back Thursday after trying it for a few days. I couldn't make it work without using actual concealer, so why keep it?

You can get at Barneys stores/online, and a few other locations on the net.
Barneys Link

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