Thursday, July 19, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Burberry Sheer Concealer pen

Photo credit: Gorgeous Skin Blog

I read a review on CafeMakeup last week about this stuff and another one on Gorgeous Skin...and while it seemed many liked this product, other reviews were not totally favorable, or outright saying it's awful and worthless, but like any sucker chasing a dream, I decided to give it a whirl, I was using a Nordstrom gift card, what did I have to lose? Exactly, nothing.  Besides my dignity, apparently.

I ordered No. 2, Soft Beige, mostly based on the reviewer on Cafe Makeup identifying that she went with the lightest and it was quite light and that it happened to have a decent amount of pigment. A huge deal killer just at first glance is that silicone is the 2nd ingredient. That tells me that if I like it, I will get a massive rash pretty fast and look like I have herp of the eye. 

I gave it a go on its own, just to see what kind of coverage it actually has.  And as expected, not much. (The name is not misleading!)  On top of that, it's ridiculousy slippery from the enormous amount of silicone in it.  It was super wet and hard as hell to blend down without it just coming right off.  As far as level of opacity...up there, or perhaps down there, with the L'oreal pen I just reviewed here. It took me several layers to get the first shots to show any amount of coverage.  Mostly because after I got it on, it would inevitably crease or slide or otherwise not sit still.

Terrible shot of the creasing from just the first coat!

As I wrote this initially after cropping the photos, it was almost noon, so this had been on a total of maybe 5 hours and it's almost completely gone from my face. I am glad I am not going anywhere after work today, besides maybe to return this.  It has slid off and creased, and looks insane. I have a weird little eczema patch right now on my one eye, a leave-behind from SKII, and it's clear as day, where even the Maybelline and Loreal seemed to kind of hide it.  By the end of today it was seriously grotesque. I looked ill.

Pics after a few coats to begin with:

Pics after all makeup:

As much as I wanted to like this stuff because it took Burberry forever to come out with a concealer....YUCK!  If you would like to try for yourself, you can get from  When I went to return it, the saleswoman said "that's what happens when a clothing company starts making cosmetics..."

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