Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Maybelline VolumeExpress MEGAPLUSH Mascara (waterproof)

A few weeks ago I picked up a tube of this MegaPlush mascara because I can't seem to track down the Full n Soft WP anymore, without buying online, so I am sad that it's appearing to be phased out or discontinued.  Nothing even comes close so that's a shame.

I gave this a whirl for the last few weeks and I am failing to see the plushness. It takes like 10 coats to really show up, even in the darkest black available. The brush is probably part of the reason because it's like...on a spring kind of thing. I hate the brush. So much. It can't get close enough or enough pressure to be generally useful, and the bristles are also odd. It's like they're some cross between those horrendous rubber ones in the LashBlast, crossed with normal ones. I don't really get it. I hate that also. I like normal brush bristles!

Here are a few shots of the tube and brush. Note the weird flexible joint thing.

The formula is ok. Just, Meh. I think if it was with a brush that didn't suck I might like it more. It's not dark enough, and dries kind of funky. Brittle or something. It's not good for long lashes which I currently have, and you can't get it to stay on the tips all day. I don't touch up through the day--ever and I won't either--so that's a negative for me.

I have not tested the waterproofness factor in water, which I don't do anyway, since I only buy it to hold curl and not wipe off when I rub my eyes. But it isn't something that just comes off in soap and water, I have to use the cleansing oil to start breaking it down first.

Here are a few shots of it on me. You can tell how not really black it is in the eyes closed shot. That's 3 coats on me there.  And you can also see how much damn concealer and shimmery eye shadow I use to make a dent in those sexy shiners I have goin on... holy shit get this bitch some eye cream and juvederm, stat!

I give this a pass and I am REALLY hoping that it is not intended to replace FnS because that will suck.

Side note, since it's been brought up to me I want to make this very clear:  I do not tamper with the photos I take, my eyes are this color. My hair is that color.  All of them besides a few Latisse ones have been taken with an iPhone 4 or 4S, and are only cropped to attempt to hide my whole face, which is stupid since it's all over the internet, or hide filth in the house I am in.

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