Saturday, July 28, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Clarisonic Mia2

Nordstrom Anniversary is in full swing (I know, I know...I did not do a full post of all the stuff I wanted this year, mostly bec I didn't want that much this year! I am on a clothing ban!)  and one of the few items I wanted to get was a new Mia2. I have the Mia (Alien Laser Deathray Gun) and used it a few times a week off and on, but was hoping maybe if I had another speed that I would get more out of it besides zits. 

It came with the Sensitive brush and the deep pore brush, which I had not tried before. I usually use the Delicate one, and fully suspected that the deep pore would be really rough on my face, but I am pleasantly surprised that it is as soft as the delicate. I have NO idea how it really gets into the pore, quite honestly, but it does have two different bristle styles so perhaps one has microfibers or something? Either way, I've used it now for about 2 weeks and so far I have not had any weird reactions, and as long as I don't use this thing too often, my face doesn't have it's little freakouts. I use it as my every other day or every 2nd day deep clean.

I like that it has two speeds. There's a slightly faster one, and then the original slower one. I don't know WHY I feel the faster one is better, but that's what I have been using.

I picked the bright lime green color, because it looked neat and like a real Alien Laser Deathray Gun, and liked the orange as well. This kit was on sale for $149 (til Aug 5!) at Nordstrom.  It came with a hard case for travel, a charger, and a pouch thing filled with all their various cleansers that I have no need for or interest in.  I usually use some La Mer Cleansing Gel (a TINY dab) or a drugstore wash called SIMPLE Moisturizing face wash. I've also used my Mary Kay foaming wash as well. It makes whatever foaming wash you use foam more.

My big rule for myself is that it's the last thing I do before I get out of the shower. All my conditioner rinsed, then I wash the body, then I wash my face. Then I get out and put on lotion immediately on my face.

Here's a link to the green one at   Ill have to pay attention to my pores and see if there is any difference in their cleanliness.

So I gave the Deep Pore brush a few weeks..almost a month. And I am not loving my face when using it. I feel like the Delicate one got my face cleaner for some reason. Along my cheekbones and around my nose I notice it more than anywhere else. Zits and weird skin texture. So Ill be going back to the Delicate.

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