Saturday, July 28, 2012

UNREAL Candy...REALLY stupid name, pretty good concept

A few weeks back I was milling around CVS and saw a display for candy that was "Unjunked", containing no artificials, no hydrogenateds, no corn syrups, no reservatives and no GMOs.  They are sweetened with agave and cane sugar and there appears to be a MUCH lower carb count in each one.  A version of things like M&Ms (regular and peanut), Reese's PB Cups, Milky Way and Snickers.  Being the sugar addicted fatass that I am, I obviously stocked up.

Of all the varieties, the plain M&M version is the best. They actually taste almost identical. They taste to me slightly more like canadian smarties (which are like m&ms, not like the american smarties that are those sugar pellets). They are colored bizarrely too, dark blue and olive and purple and the like. But they're good.  Very good.

The snickers variety is good, but not the same.

The Milky Way version was also good, but my parents who both LOVE Milky Way said they weren't the same. And that makes me think those are not repurchases.

The peanut M&M was good, my husband really liked them, as did my dad.

But the peanut butter cups...meh. They weren't good. Nothing like the "real thing".  The texture was just off.  There was somehow a twinge of coffee in there too. I dunno, I just did not care for them.

The winner of this whole thing is the regular "M&M" version. They got cleaned out of the huge bag I went back to buy and I had to hide a few of the individual ones for myself! is the website. I have only seen these at CVS so far.  They run a little more per pack than regular candy varieties like the real M&M do.

A few crappy iPhone pics of the packaging information and the peanut butter cups.  The bottom has unreal logo on the bottom.

From a branding standpoint I don't know why in the hell they chose "unreal" for the product they're treating as the "real" version of regular candy....maybe they'll change the name to something less asanine later? I hope so. 

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