Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Holy. Damn. These. Are. HEAVEN.

So a while back, I was bored at work as usual and looking on Etsy for candy treats, leather goods and another iPhone case I cannot possibly need. And thankfully, or not, the shop I get those cases at is "closed" for school season. That helped my wallet. Sorta.

I came across a shop called "HaveItConfections" when searching for salted caramel, something I got addicted to when designing packaging for Bissingers Chocolates. They had a product called Margarita Salted Caramels which I can honestly down a pound of in one sitting (hence the fatness...). I still occasionally stop by a store here and pick a few up. Damn they're good. Anyway...back to the point.

My "I don't have them" birthday is coming up (or has it passed? That's as much a mystery as how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop) and my lovely and amazing friends B, J and Z (Z always somehow ends up as the AND...) remembered that I had sent a link to this shop a while back.

Today I go open the mailbox to get the stack of bills and junk mail I expect, and instead, there's a lovely box with Have It Sweet printed on it. I tear it open, and nearly lose a finger doing so (im not allowed knives for a reason). Inside is a lovely handwritten note with "A Gift for You, Enjoy :)" on it. Inside the box is a mound of caramel lollipops, and Caramel Fleur De Sel bites individially wrapped.  Of which I might or might not have eaten a few. Or more than a few. What is a few anyway....???  These  things are HEAVEN. They are the perfect consistency, meaning they have great chew but won't pull my crowns out, and melt in your mouth. The buttery flavor...holy cow. SO GOOD.  I may or may not be ordering more this week.

So to the girls: THANK YOU!!  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!  YAY October!!!!

And second of all, THANK YOU to the lovely folks at Have It Sweet (Vincent and Bethany!) for this awesome gift and surprise.

I seriously think I have a problem on the horizon.  Oh who am I kidding. I have and will always have problems.

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