Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oohh!!! It's HERE!!! Linea Pelle Dylan Medium Tote in Scotch is Here!

It's Here....It's Here...IT'S HERE!!!!

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I got the new bag today! It looks and smells divine, as expected. I just wanna stick my head in it and inhale. I giggle at this side by side because the new bag is how the old bag USED to look! That's 3 solid years of almost daily use and travelling and general abuse!  I got this new one to have a crossbody option, which is a big thing for me lately with my former bag being stolen, and with someone having reached into the current bag (on left) to steal my phone. I like the option of wearing it across me when I shop. I do hope I can get by using the strap on the old bag occasionally too. But I plan to alternate.  

Because I preordered I also got that black wallet in the middle for free, $155 value!!! It's a great wallet too, and the amazing leather as well. It's something I can see myself using at a bar/baseball game, I can put my phone into it, and either use as a wristlet or put it in a little Coach Swingpack so Im not lugging tons around. That and my keys. 

Ill be loading it up tonight hopefully, if I can make time in my crazy night! 

Don't mind the hideous carpet, air sanitizer, etc on the floor. Very institutional.


  1. Nice bag!

  2. Thank you!!! Thanks for checking out my blog!!!


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