Friday, April 20, 2012

I LOVE Japanese Office Supplies....

I just love Japanese...stuff.  I think I really need to go there, and buy some of the little gadgets and gizmos available readily there, like the chip-picker-upper I saw Karl Pilkington use on Idiot Abroad. I like to not have chip dust on my fingers.  Though then I'd have to "lick" a chip-picker-upper clean instead of my hands...Hm. I might need to rethink this...

Anyway...I was on a "mission" for a semi-flat but multi-zip-compartment makeup bag solution so that when I get my Dylan Medium Tote later this month, I didn't have the apparently 5 different pouches floating around in there, or really in this one either. How did I get 5...I can handle the Splenda one...but I don't need my walking Walgreens to take up 5 pouches!!!

Someone on the Purse Forum had mentioned having great pencil cases, and linked me to the below case, which I hadn't even thought of...pencil bags.  I ended up finding the perfect one, and in a totally great bright green.

Here's the winning case:

It got here Saturday, with super fast and free shipping, since I spent $25 on stuffs.

Besides that case, I was poking around in the Japanese office and craft supplies, and found a bunch of those whiteout pens that are the dry tape ribbons, in a few widths, my favorite was the 2.5mm width, PERFECT for checkbooks.  These are seriously the perfect width. I got a few, and kinda wish I'd have gotten 10 more. I also got a few nice finer point ballpoint pens.

My favorite part of all these things is the packaging. For example, the hangcard on the bag has diagrams in Japanese to show you what is supposed to go where!  Love.  A few other things I wanted were sold out, so I put in a wait list request. One of which is a multi-size corner-rounding punch tool...I might get several for invite work!

Check it out, it's a cool site, and you might find some really neat stuff that is otherwise unavailable here in the states.

Here's a funny little diagram telling you where to put all the stuff in the pouch....

And here's all my crap. This is just from the FRONT SECTION of my bag....that's insane!  I did pare a LOT of this down. A lot. So other than my splenda dispenser and mints I believe everything is in the new green pouch.


  1. I like that bag! and
    I got here via purse, forum.
    Glad meet you!

  2. Thank you!!! And thanks for stopping in from TPF!!!


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