Monday, April 23, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Corrector and Creamy Concealer

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As you probably know from reading this blog, I am a bit of a stickler with concealers. If I am forced to layer, I am not paying for department store products. I also expect concealer to be  completely opaque. I'd rather have it look dry and heavy under there and actually cover entirely, than have it be not totally opaque and look "creamy". What's the point if it doesn't totally conceal? If I have to layer or build coverage, it's simply not acceptable, and frankly, should not be allowed to be called concealer and maybe "minimizer" or something.

I tried these two products in various combinations of colors, and sometimes with other products from other brands. And couldn't get it to work for me....It's almost TOO creamy, and it doesnt "stick" to my skin, or "dry down" enough, even with powder, and ends up disappearing in about an hour leaving whatever is left streaking into the creases under my eyes or down my face. And that's on a nice weather day when I didn't even leave the house. I cannot fathom what I'd look like on a hot day.

Besides doesn't correct OR cover anything.  I tried it in a few colors, a few dice. I even went to a Bobbi counter at Nordstrom to see if I was doing it wrong or something. Nope. Just not covering my circles. Kind of a useless set of products for me, quite honestly. They tried to get me into every other brand there, and I have already tried each and every one of them at least once, if not twice, to no avail. They feigned shock that the Cle De Peau was not enough...I explained that if it's not totally opaque in one coat, then it's not going to work, but if I am going to have to put on two coats, at least it better be worth the while, and on me the Cle De Peau didn't cover anything, at all, even after 4 layers and powder, besides the lack of suitable color.  In fact, just as a trial, we literally did the two eye tests. We'd put one brand on one eye, one brand on the other and I'd compare. Not one concealer in that entire freaking store was good enough for me.  I also hate the super-creamy consistencies of most undereye concealers, as they just do not stay put. Where are the waterproof options?

So I am back to my Maybelline layering method. At least if Im going to be forced to layer, it's a cheap product. I am really strongly debating finding a chemist and trying to concoct my own.

Did you try these products? How'd they work for you?

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