Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saw the most amazing thing ever today...CHILLS!

The STL people will know the landmarks...

I was driving to pick up cupcakes at Jilly's for my friend's baby shower, and as I am driving up 270, every overpass from 55 to 40 (didnt go beyond 40 til 170) had firetrucks, police cars and ambulii with lights and sirens on, and huge American flags hanging from their ladder lifts. I kept saying to myself  what the hell is going on??? The President would not be on 270 if he was in town, besides it being totally closed when he's here anyway... But as I progressed up towards Big Bend and Dougherty Ferry, all along the sides of south bound, on the side of the highway and off ramps and some along on ramps on north bound, people of all ages and a lot of older men in uniform, saluting in the pouring down rain for the military funeral procession led by 5 hwy patrol cars in a staggered formation, then a million motorcycles all with flags on them, then the hearse, and there were two semis in the far left and two in the far left lanes south bound with flags on the sides of the trailers back by the hearse. 

I actually cried the ugly sobbing cry in my car as I passed it. I think everyone on 40 probably thought I was a crazy sobbing person...but wow. I wish I had taken pics or video. My mother in law had told us about it a few months ago when she was in town, and I have never seen it before but I know it's "commonish" here, as we have J.B. national cemetery and any time word gets around about a fallen soldier, the motorcycle community makes it happen as does the law enforcement sector. 

I love it. I wish EVERY returning soldier got it, even if they were alive, they wouldn't obviously be in a hearse. It actually pisses me off that they don't get a great return home.

Either way...I am STILL getting verklempt and that was at like 1130am.

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