Monday, April 2, 2012

MINIREVIEW: Edward Bess Platinum Concealer

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I saw a few bloggers (specifically Best Things in Beauty and Cafe Makeup) discussing Edward Bess cosmetics, both of which either reviewed the concealer individually or the line in general. Both compared the concealer to Cle de Peau, and said it was better than the CdP, which frankly, water is better than.  So on a tear last week, I decided to pick up an Edward Bess at, and try it out. I got it the day I came down with a pretty gnarly case of whooping cough, something I was not aware was back around. Hello 1840? I have your sickness, you can have it back now.  I'm especially surprised that since I had just gotten my booster in November, I still got it.  But my doctor and pharmacist both say that it's due to the fact that many parents are more scared of their kid developing autism from vaccinations, than dying from some hellish illness, that whooping cough came back in a big way. I won't go into why I think that's insane, but that's their choice.

I gave it a quick shot yesterday, the first day I was able to really be remotely useful outside of bed. I picked up IVORY NUDE, which is a great shade for my skin, light yellowish.  It's quite dry, so I had to do some warming up on my hand because it's not something that you can swipe on even the most moisturized undereye. It has an OK amount of pigment but it was not good for undereye circles at all.  While it IS better than the Cle de Peau, it's not by much.  I put three coats on my left eye, and four on my right, and you could see my circles clear as day regardless. And this stuff does NOT stay put. Powder or not, within an hour, it was gone. And that was before I went outside to try to breathe non-infected air. I reapplied, and repowdered, and when I hit the heat, forget it. It melted all over my undereye and down my face.

I didn't even bother to take photos of this product on, because from about a foot away it looked like 1) nothing was on and 2) up close it looked gross.  It just sat on the skin collecting in grooves.

If you don't have circles that you need to hide, or if you have wetter undereyes than me, give it a shot. But it's a definite PASS from me.  When I am past the first week of this ridiculous plague I have, I will be trekking to Sephora to return.

$38 at Sephora.

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