Friday, March 16, 2012

iPhone 4S mini-review...4 months later.

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I will not really mention the fact that I have had like NINE of them since October....but that's more an issue with something going on on my AT&T line and related to that theft, less so about the phone itself.

I really like it, now that I think the issue is being resolved.  It's relatively quick, and the camera is amazing. 8MP, and sharp. I usually just use the standard camera app, though I have been using Instagram to make those pics "cute".

The phone itself is great, nice size, amazing screen, amazing camera. It handles apps very smoothly and hardware wise is pretty much fantastic. A lot of phones like this are huge. I don't want something that's damn near the size of an iPad, a "phablet."   Calls sound great, I actually panic sometimes when I call people and they aren't speaking because I think they hung up.

The OS is the big wow. iOS5 is pretty fantastic. Its smooth, quick, and despite having a little issue with hammering the battery life a little more than OS4 did, works like a dream. I love the new multitasking that the last couple OS's have had, not quite as nice as how WebOS handled it, but still great. Visual Voicemail is awesome, I like seeing a list of messages vs having to call and find out who they're from.  I love the new iMessage feature, which is like texting through Apple's system, and lets you text another iPhone user (that has iOS5, anyway) without using your texting plan. Im sure ATT/VZW/Sprint are loving on that feature.... I have yet to really use a lot of data, because i don't stream things usually. I am an email/text/phonecall person who will use the web once in a while. I like the array of apps, but I find that I RARELY use most of the ones I have.  Facebook is an absolute battery destroyer, so I usually will just go through the web app (safari).

I can't really review the SIRI feature, since I have never used it and really have no plans. It's not something I care about. But in the experimenting a few friends have done, it works about half the time....and one of my friends loves it, in part, because SIRI calls her Momma now.

Something I DO like is that there is an absolutely staggering array of accessories for iPhones.   I personally like the Speck Candyshell, but I am going to start checking out new ones out of boredom.

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