Friday, March 16, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

As I think I have mentioned in the past, I am not one for serums because my face just seems to hate them. Most are heavy on the silicone-y ingredients and those are death to my skin. I don't love them in my hair either but they're less of a problem there.

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I picked up a sample of this product in late January at Nordstrom as I thought maybe it was time to try again with anti aging, maybe try to take it seriously. I used it for a little over a week without any weird whiteheads or rashes forming, didn't notice a lot of difference in the skin at the time, besides feeling super soft.   I ended up buying a full size jar of it, and I have used it about 5x a week since, usually at night. I think it's too much in the morning.  Some mornings I use the La Mer regenerating serum before the cream, usually in the winter, or now when my nose is raw from a cold.

I also started reusing the Alien Laser Deathray Gun (clarisonic) with a softer brush and that so far hasn't totally ruined my face. So Ill use that in the shower, and while my  face is still wet-ish, Ill use two drops of this serum all over, first swiping it under my eyes full strength, then working in all over. Then I slather on a layer of Differin (some nights), a blob of Olay Complete face cream for sensitive (the jar!) and then eye cream, which right now is Olay Total Effects of which I see no change from.   My face has not freaked out, which is seriously mind-boggling. I hope this continues.

The only other serum that hasn't messed much with me was the La Mer one, but there's simply not much active ingredient in that. Sea Kelp is not sciencey enough for me I think. And the price is prohibitive. But it does make my face feel nice.

I cannot tell a lot in the anti-aging dept or any sort of tonal or texture changes to be honest, but my face feels like it's softer.

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