Friday, March 16, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Kate Walsh Boyfriend Eau De Perfume/Rollerball

Photo credit: Kate Walsh's site, and a few other locales on the web

I am not typically a perfume kinda girl. I generally wear nothing, and if I do it's either Kiehls Original Musk or Creative Scentualization's Perfect Veil or some variant of "Clean". But someone walked by me as I was leaving Nordstrom a while back and she smelled like heaven on a chocolate croissant, so I asked what she was wearing and she said "Boyfriend, by that chick from Greys". So I immediately googled "Boyfriend Greys" on my phone and bam up it came. She said something about a new variant coming out but that she hadn't seen it.

In my googling, I learned Sephora was the only present outlet besides her site. So the next day at work I called Sephora to see who had what in stock. I went over after work to take a few sniffs of it, and was both horrified and thrilled that it really was fantastic. The salesgirl told me about the other one, Billionaire Boyfriend, and that she preferred Billionaire so I sniffed that...I was surprised I didnt love it. I figured that it should've been more like Clean but it was too...strong or flowery or something. So I passed on that one.  This one smells warm and kind of like vanilla. It's really quite lovely, especially if you don't overdo it.  My sister has commented on it when I've worn it, and sometimes after I've held her little baby, and hand him back, he smells like me. So the little dude gets to smell like his super cool auntie. I did just call myself an auntie. You should be laughing at that and less about the super cool part.

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I decided to try a little mini rollerball of the Boyfriend (original) oil variant as well as the smallest little spray of the perfume they had. I have used the oil a few times on my wrists (which I honestly thought I'd use more often), then spritzed the perfume and did that walk-through-the-cloud thing.  I am surprised at how often I use the spray, for someone who never uses any sort of perfume. The most I smell like is conditioner or Dove body wash.

I've been using this now for at least a month, and I still love it. It's not a daily thing, mostly because I am more concerned about getting out in the morning with pants on, and less about smelling good. Pants = vital (according to my family and my employer anyway, I find them merely an embellishment!) Smelling good = mildly important.  (hey I shower and use deodorant, we're not talking about really being rank here. Just amping it up.)

It is available at Sephora's site and most stores, but NOT at the JCPenney Sephora variant (why I have no idea.)

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