Friday, September 3, 2010

SHAMELESS PLUG: Iron Barley Restaurant

Last Friday I got to spend some quality happy fun time with some old buds of mine (HI GUYS!) and for our "monthly meeting" we chose Iron Barley.  My husband and I are quite fond of this restaurant but with it being on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, the ability to get a table kind of made it harder for us to deal with, so we backed off.  I was quite excited when the gang all went on Friday and it was a REALLY nice night and we could eat on the back patio, which was a delight.

I got my usual "Panella" appetizer which is a flaming skillet of incredible.  Three lovely wedges of melted mozzerella with some really great "broth" of some kind on top and some pico as well, and it's served with wheat tortillas. It's so good that is really all I should get because it fills me up so well. For like an hour even!  But then I got the Strip steak as my entree, like a fool, since I had just had serious dental work the day before, so chewing was not exactly smart. And it's like taunting a dog with table scraps when you get a divine piece of meat and you can't eat the damn thing.

There's seriously not a bad thing on the menu, and the service has been pretty stellar every time. Though it's a little pricy for a regular meal's definitely worth it and is a great experience every time.

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