Thursday, September 16, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW: Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles Eye Roller

After reading the reviews over on, a site at which I kill many hours during a workday, I decided I would pick this item up. I kind of figured that my shiners would not likely benefit from the tint, as it was probably WAY too sheer...but I was pretty surprised that it's really NOT that sheer. It is by no means opaque, but it's definitely not sheer. Considering how many layers of "opaque" concealer I need to not look like the walking corpse I usually am,  the idea of swapping a few out to have a little "brightness" is definitely appealing.  And this has allowed me to lose at least two full on layers of spackle.  I start with a layer of this, let it dry down a bit, then I add the opaque stuff. Then I rub the roller on the top of my finger and dab more of this over the opaque. Rinse. Repeat. A few more times. And yet that's still less than I usually use...

The consistency is like a thin liquidy concealer or eye lotion. It's not "creamy", and it does take a few minutes to fully dry down. It's not serumy, but it feels like it's moisturizing. It's actually helped in the morning with saving a step, since I now don't really put on an eye cream first.

I then set with a little NYX translucent powder (it's seriously got to be the same as Mac Blot and for like $2 vs god know how much). Some days, if I am feeling ballsy, Ill do a full face of Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation (Porcelain Ivory--I am pasty after all) and then add on the concealer and this roller product over that, which does cut a couple MORE layers off the undereyes. I do try to limit the foundation to not on workdays if I dont have to look good because it's just time consuming and I am lazy and generally non-functional at 545am. And my hands fail to grip things well at that hour since I am still technically sleeping.

I picked it up at CVS for $10 which for a drugstore item is steep but I am cheap. I think there was a $3 off coupon in the Sunday paper coupons also, which I of course clipped out about 2 days too late. I might go get another though so I have a backup.

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