Friday, September 17, 2010

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Fountain on Locust.


I guess I am a couple years late to review this place, but since I was there again tonight with friends I decided to give it a go.

This place is a winner.  Because I am still healing from a lot of nasty dental work plus a pretty heinous oral surgery from last week...and some complications from that (boo!) I was really limited on what I was able to order, besides their very famous ice cream, which was a given being that I am dealing with serious sugar addiction. 

The pro to that was that I was going to venture back into soups, which is something I've been kind of "banned" from with the infection I have going on (did you know that soup/heat causes the infection to spread like wildfire? Not exactly what I wanted to deal with so I avoid it lately).  Anyway...I decided tonight to try out their Hummus and pita as well as their Corn Chowder.

The Hummus is apparently also a famous item for them, and with good reason. It is really unlike any hummus I've ever tried. It's spicy...and tastes kind of like a cross between pizza and taco-ey flavored paste lol. It was AMAZING, and it really does have a zip.  I do wish I'd said to not toast the pita but I managed to get it down.

The Chowder is served over rice normally--something I don't care for in 99% of cases--I asked for minimal rice in my dish, partly because I don't like it and partly to prevent...bits floating around in my mouth.  It was extremely flavorful and very tasty. And thankfully it was really more soupy than thick stew. I had no issue scarfing it down. In fact, I wish I'd gotten a bowl instead of a cup. But that just freed up space for the trough of ice cream I was about to inhale.

Having been here before, I have tried many of their ice creams and specialty desserts.  I actually had an internal fight with myself over whether to get a Dark and Sinister, or a Three Coins in the Fountain...I made the right choice with the latter.  I did ask for light on the whipped cream, since I am not a fan of it usually, but it still came out covered in it. However, my friend was perfectly willing to take that off my hands.  The Three Coins dessert is a scoop of their Zanzibar Chocolate (REALLY decadent thick fudge chocolate awesomeness), a scoop of their Vanilla, and a scoop of After Dinner Mint. Then over those three scoops of ice cream, their home-made hot fudge. NOM. Then some whipped cream and three little chocolate coins. I handed those over also, despite my longing to inhale them.

I was able to share a few bites with others who hadn't tried those flavors, and it doesn't take a genius to know they'll have that next time.  It was a ridiculous amount for one person, but since that one person is ME, it was perfectly sized.

My meal ended up around $20 with their very great iced tea. I was able to get a to-go cup which I am sipping right now sans straw (boo).

Check out their website: (it really is what is pasted below...)

They are at Locust  right near SLU. Parking is on-street at meters.

Let me know what you think!

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