Friday, September 17, 2010

COMING SOON Take 2: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer.

I read about this a few months ago in a magazine, I am thinking it might have been Lucky, sometime in the last say 4 months.  I have also seen it pop up on MakeupAlley a few times, and read a few reviews in the Productville area, then the plethora of youtube reviews, though from what I understand, and what some of them say, the company sent those reviewers the products for free to try.  In order to remain unbiased, I made sure I purchased this myself.  Since I knew it's been on HSN before, and I, of course, missed that presentation, I made sure I hurriedly bought it tonight from QVC since it was a one-time only thing, and I am pretty sure that the price I paid, $23 maybe, includes a nice looking brush.  I BARELY got in on time to get the color I wanted, which QVC called medium, but the company  calls Neutral Medium. For once it appears I am NOT the lightest shade in something.  Thankfully my Pre allowed me to buy it online in a hurry. I should have this within a week or so.

I cannot wait to try this out. It looks fantastic, and just watching the presentation on QVC I was pretty impressed. We shall see.  So stay tuned for an initial reaction and I am sure Ill make a followup.

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