Thursday, September 30, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW: FRS Energy Drink--Low Cal Orange

Photo: FRS

I learned about this stuff from the Hungry Girl website and there was a try-it offer that included a bottle of the concentrate and a pack of the chews, though the liquid is now replaced by the powder packets, which I am sure is easier and cheaper for them to ship.

The first thing I tried was the concentrate. It's a jug about the size of a soda bottle that comes with a little dixie-cup style measuring cup. So I dumped one serving of the liquid into a cup and added the water to it and stirred.  At first I thought it wasn't the best tasting stuff but it grew on me a little. It's kind of like strong tang.  I didn't notice any sort of energy increase, but I do know that I didn't fall asleep at my desk. So that has to mean something...

Later that same day before I headed off to the gym for my cardio hour, I popped two of the little "Chews" in my mouth. They were some kind of berry pomegranate flavor. And they were VILE. I couldn't even chew them up to swallow them, they just got progressively more nasty. So I spit those out and wrote them off. I have the packet sitting on my shelf at home in the kitchen, I can probably get rid of those. I can't even imagine saying "hey anyone want these, they're gross" and getting a sucker willing to find out for themselves.

I ended up making the concentrate to drink on the way in to work every morning til I ran out. I told myself I'd reorder it, but it's not cheap.

Well today I went to see if there were any deals on it, and sure enough 50% off. So I got 3 more bottles. All three Low-Cal Orange.

You can get it at

Let me know if you do and what you think!

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