Monday, April 1, 2013

Because I am a glutton for punishment...another attempt at IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye.

For some reason, probably stupidity, or general awake-ness, I decided that I would give this stuff another go. And I got two colors this time, as if last time wasn't enough with one.  This time around it was only slightly better but still not anywhere near decent enough to keep. This stuff doesn't even cover me on a good day. Or a great day. Or on a DAYUM GIRL YOU LOOK FINE! day.

Coverage was still crappy at best--nonexistent really--and the texture was still gross and sticky, though it did seem to dry down a little more, still not enough to not require mixing again.  The biggest changes--color and packaging differences. The tubes actually felt full this time. That was good. You don't have to squeeze as hard and don't feel like you're just expelling air.

Neutral Medium was all I got last time. This time I got Neutral Medium and Light.  From the first time to this time Neutral Medium has DEFINITELY changed. It's definitely darker. Enough so that if I had waited til now to order, I would've misordered. But light on it's own is too light. Mixed, the color is great. And if this stuff had any coverage, fantastic.  But there's no way I'd keep this stuff to mix it. And I'd sure as hell not mix it every damn day either.

Here is a side by side. On my hand I thought for sure Light was going to be ok. But on my face it was WICKED PALE. And for me to think something is too light...that's sayin' something!

And mixed on my hands.

On my face, one eye has neutral medium and the other light....this is 4 thin coats OVER Lancome's Maquicomplet waterproof concealer bec this stuff on it's own has no coverage, and won't stay put. The eye on the left in the pic has Neutral Medium, eye on the right in the pic with that lovely underground monster zit growing above my brow there, that one has the Light.

And another layer of the mix over that.

It just has no coverage. I don't get what all the raving is about in the blog world. What is in the tubes these other women are reviewing? It sure is not the same stuff in the tubes I am paying full price for!  I wish this stuff was good. Their brushes and their blush are all fantastic. I want so much for this to not suck so tremendously!

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