Friday, March 29, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Lancome Tient Idole Ultra 24 Hour Foundation

The Lancome Tient Idole Ultra 24 Hour Foundation is another product I have been using for a while and finally think I have the hang of, and the hang of saying all of that crazy long name.  It's not an everyday item for me, but I have been incorporating it a lot more lately, simply because it's helped with coverage around my eyes.

I was not really sure about this shade, which is 100N and I believe is the lightest one they offer, but it seems to be working pretty well, despite being WAY pinker than I would otherwise go with. The girl at the counter applied it under my one eye and around that area and some woman that was at the Jo Malone counter was watching along while she sniffed candles waiting for her daughter to pay for something, and she walked over and said "oh my god, that is just...incredible. It almost erased your circles!"  She could've been a drone, a robot, a shill (she wasn't) but I was sold at that point. Because it really makes a noted impact to me. Since I focus it around my eyes, and less around my face, I am ok with the color being a little pinker than I'd wear otherwise.  I had a perfect color match with the Estee Lauder Double Wear but it would not stay on my face and didn't play nice with concealers.

I also have to say that I had a hell of a time paying $45 for a Lancome foundation. Maybe it's the cheap bastard in me, but for some reason I always equated their stuff with cheaper pricepoints. It's probably because it's one of the lines that was always available in all of the department stores here (literally, all) in every mall, high end or low end, and I guess I just lowered the quotient that way? I will pay absurd amounts for Armani, or Cle de Peau or whatever, but for some reason Lancome ...that got me!

Shown in that pic above is about a penny-sized dab of it, that's not quite a full pump amount. I apply that to my entire face though mostly around my eyes in two coats, then use the rest around the rest of my face. I use a damp beauty blender sponge to do the applying though, and that is part of why maybe it works so well. I tried with brushes and fingers and neither seemed to get the coverage and nice application I wanted so I went back to this and it's been the best.

I have a (particularly horrendous) picture of me with one side done, with only one coat on under my eyes. The coverage in this is pretty remarkable for just a liquid foundation.

Here's a shot of more of the whole face with a full layer and two under my eyes, pre concealer.

And here's a hilariously cheesy after with the whole face done, before my hair got curled as the curling iron was still heating up.  Man I got fatter than I realized and kinda look like a sociopath here. What is that smile? I am going to blame that on it being 6am.  Wow the aging going on there...Mid-30s, you are mean.

The staying power of this stuff...I have to say...It is insane. I really do get a full day+ out of it. I actually tested this stuff one weekend. I applied it on Friday morning at 530 as usual, and then left it on all day, I don't think I blotted or touched up powder once, and (I know) slept in my makeup to see how it was in the morning. I seriously wish I had filmed a timelapse or something because other than my brows being a little wonk and having a little mascara fallout, my foundation and undereyes looked amazingly similar to freshly applied. Then I got in the shower and was mad I didn't take a pic because it was seriously "new facebook profile picture worthy!"

I got mine at Nordstrom, it's available anywhere Lancome is sold, which is pretty much everywhere.

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