Friday, March 29, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: VanityMark UltraBrow in Gingerella

So after discovering and confirming that Covermark changed the formula on my beloved Brow Markers, I started looking for a replacement that was not in a goofy ass purply color that makes no sense with a coppery red head of hair.  I had been using my fallback powder from BareMinerals, a mix of Redhead and Strawberry, more Strawberry than Redhead. But the looseness is a mess, so I was hoping I'd find similar in a pressed format.  I wanted the Urban Decay Brow Box, but they no longer cater to redheads, which is an annoying trend with cosmetics and hair companies.

I read about Vanitymark's UltraBrow on Phyrra's site a while back, and saw that they carry TWO redhead options, one for lighter and copperier heads, and one for auburn and darker/cooler reds. I went with Gingerella, for the coppertops.  I ordered it from Brett Friedman's site directly on a Monday and had it by Thursday. I see now that they have a nice special too, 2/25 so I might order a couple backups.

The color I knew was a win immediately. The formula took a couple days of convincing as it's sheerer than I anticipated. I've gotten used to that now, but I do tend to mix it with a fixative (Cinema Secrets liner sealer) to work it on my arch and make it more noticeable there.

Here is a side by side on my hand and in the "jar" that I mix the Bare Minerals in so you can see the difference in color. It's significantly tamer in color but in a good way. You can also see the sheerness of it vs the Bare Minerals.  On my hand, the Bare Minerals is on the left.

And a closeup of my eye all finished.

It's available directly through Brett Friedman's site, $16 a pan, and this will last a LONG time. Presently there is a 2/$25 offer as well.

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