Saturday, November 3, 2012


Another day, another concealer. On a recent trip to Sephora, I decided to give this stuff a go. I went with shade #18, in a range of quite a few shades ranging from very pale to fairly dark, I give her props for the range on this product.

The packaging is great, nice looking tube, sanitary.  Decent price, I think $22? $25?

I think if I didn't have such huge dark circles I would have liked it. But it was just not a winner for me.  The texture was a bit too dry, and hard to blend and set. The color was a little off, and I didn't seem to get a winner there, even when I went back to the store to try out #16 which I thought might be pinker. Just didn't quite work for me. In the tube either could work, but on me, they dried down sorta off-color.

This would build a little better I think, but I think you need more moisture. I didn't get the coverage I felt I needed with it, though it gets decent reviews. Though from what I learned later, you're supposed to use some kind of skin tone pencil concealer prior to this stuff and then you get opaque coverage. Sorry, not going to do that.  It seems I failed to get a full face shot "after" of this one too...

The biggest reason I returned it was the staying power. It just did not stay on for me. It was easily rubbed off, and my eyes water badly so any time I'd blot or have to's gone. By the end of the day my outer corners were bright reddish purple. It was not pretty!

Available at Sephora.

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