Thursday, December 27, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: It Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Stain in Pretty in Peony

After reading a few reviews on this around the internet, and seeing a few QVC presentations on it, I finally bit the bullet and picked it up in "Pretty in Peony" because it looked close to my Nars TORRID blush, slightly brighter maybe. And my assessment was really close.

I ordered it during a special on QVC right before the holidays but it comes with a really nice brush, one which is soft like buttah, and runs around $35 with the brush.  The shape of the brush is not one I would usually pick, but it's lovely. I am still experimenting with it.  Its a great size.  When I wash it (am I gross for not washing it first??? It was in a tube that was all sealed in a ridiculous layer of plastic and vacuum packed!) Ill see how well that holds up.

As for the blush formula, a little tap of the brush on the blush goes a long way. This stuff is potent.  If I use the amount I used with the Nars, I look sunburned.  But where this stuff beats the Nars is longevity. Nars would not make it from 6am to Noon, not even close. This stuff looks fresh til at least Noon. I can still see it just as well as when I put it on! Its got just a slight shimmer, not as much as the Nars, which to me is a little disappointing, but is probably part of why it's so much more potent compared to the Nars.

Here is a side by side of the containers.  The pot is kind of small, but considering just how little you need, it's really NOT that bad. It's a little deeper than the Nars.

Here's a side by side of the two on my fingers, then on my hand. You can see that pigment wise, it almost seems like the Nars is more shimmer than pigment, which is funny since when I got the Torrid I thought "yikes, this is dark and crazy!"  

Those really suck. So maybe I should've not used those...Ill work on better pics. In real life, the Nars on my hand and finger is just a gold bomb, no real color. And when it's blended the color goes away almost entirely.

 Here's the link for the product on QVC. There are a few other shades of the blush, I personally think this one is the most "universal". It's peachy pink.  Pinker in person than expected but still fantastic.

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