Friday, December 28, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Goody Quickstyle WaterWicking Comb

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I have walked past this Goody comb in Walgreens easily 100 times in the last month and wanted to know if it was worth looking at further (considering it was $8 I couldn't quite talk myself into it). After reading about it in InStyle or Lucky a while back, and some goofy looking brush they also put out with little towel bits worked into it (seriously, that looks like a mold magnet), and finally spotting a few reviews online, like this one on Daly Beauty, I decided that I wanted to try it. And of course by that point, the damn thing is nowhere to be found. Ame, you need to get in on the ground floor.

Earlier this week I was in Walgreens buying something I of course "needed" and happened to spot some on the spork. I grabbed one, and mosied my ass up to the register, stopping on my way to pick up four bags of Cadbury "Ornaments" (mini eggs in ball form) and plunked it down, fully realizing I was about to shell out the 8 bucks on this comb.

I have now used it 3 times and I think it really is gold, Jerry. I can definitely tell a difference. My hair is really fine, but I have an enormous quantity, as one of my stylists says "enough for like 5 people to have a lot of hair", and I shower at night, so some mornings it's not dry enough to do anything with, especially in winter, for some reason it takes longer in winter to dry. I don't usually blowdry, and I can't really do that in the morning, not just for time but because of noise.

This comb really does somehow manage to get a lot of the water out of my hair. I don't use it in the shower as the review above mentions, I use it after I get out of the shower, to detangle this nest, then I wrap my hair up in one of those diva towel turbie towels to sop up any leftovers. While the towel is working, I put my potions on my face, and get dressed and all that. After about 5-10 I take my hair back down and put my leave in conditioners in as needed.   Assuming I haven't showered way too late (I seriously try to shower somewhere around 7pm at the absolute latest on a worknight so it's mostly airdried by bedtime) this thing has cut drying time by at least half, if not more.

I am glad I bought it, and might pick up at least one more for backup in case I break it or lose it. This thing is worth every cent.

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