Saturday, November 3, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

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I have waffled on trying this stuff out, and didn't end up buying it, opting instead for a little sample jar of it after playing with it in the Ulta store.  I got the sample in the LIGHT, which is fairly pinkish in the jar and on my hand, but when I put it under my eyes looks way less pink, and really I could've probably use fair or light easily, but for the whole shade range it is not a big range at all.  Just 5 shades, and I suppose it would be easy to get a decent working shade with, though darker skinned women are going to really have a hard time tonally.

I am on the fence with this one texturally. The texture was similar to IT cosmetics, sticky,  and sort of an oily goo. When I touched it, I wasn't sure if I was getting the oil or the pigment. When I squirted it out on my hand at the store, I warmed on my hand and felt like I lost a lot of product, but a little went a long way or would for most. For me I felt like I'd need a lot to get what I needed coverage-wise. It's a hard one to layer, in part due to its greasy, warpaint-like texture. It doesn't like to stick to itself. It didn't want to stay on my skin much either. I did one eye with my fingers and a damp beauty blender, and the other with a brush and fingers, and got better coverage and results with the finger/sponge method. The brush seemed to pull the product back off the skin.  It was absolutely NOT full coverage, esp not in one coat. It also doesn't really dry down, and is hard to get it to set well.

Here is a before to scare you before a meal:

And after two coats on the one eye:

For some reason I didn't think to take full on afters this time...

As for creased badly. But I tried to get as much powder and setting going on as possible to try to prevent that.  By 10am (I applied at 6am) it was like...line city.

It comes in a tube, which normally I would love, but I have to really give this a huge, nasty negative here because these tubes (I actually opened packages here because I had read many negative reviews on this) feel like they're totally filled with air, and have almost no product in them. And if I am spending $24 or so on a tube, it better not be empty when I buy it. I felt like that's part of why it's a dark purple tube, so they could conceal the fact that it's practically empty from the start.

As to the waterproof  claims: on my hand, it was. My eyes watered horribly after a sneezing fit this morning and even dabbing them it came right off, so not waterproof on the face. 

Bottom line:
-Not totally sure about coverage, mostly because it's not easily layerable, one coat was not ideal for me. Probably doable on a "good undereye day" when I have time to deal with it, like on a weekend.
-Texture is not ideal, wouldn't dry down, probably great for super dry skin, esp on eyes, but not for mine
-creases easily til set with lots of powder (I used mineral veil)
-not all-day wear, not waterproof

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