Saturday, November 3, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: "Eye Fidelity" Waterproof Mascara by Kardashian KHROMA BEAUTY

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Like some kind of lemming...or idiot...or sucker...or krazed mega fan, I lapped the KhromaBeauty display in the Ulta nearest my home about maybe 4 times before grabbing the waterproof "Eye Fidelity" mascara the other day. I figured it was worth a shot considering they know lashes, right?

Well...clearly I need my brain examined. Because that assumption was a significant break in my judgement. Though if you think about it, the break started back when I spotted it next to Katy Perry's lashes and then went back again to look. Again. And then twice more before picking it up like an idiot. And spending $9.99 plus tax, and fuel to get there, and back home, and then back there, and then back home after returning that tube of crap.

Let's start with the display. Not terrible. Not overly stocked, and not a huge array of stuff to select. But not terrible. Yknow, despite the glaring "KARDASHIAN" all over it which is really my first hint that this probably wasn't a great idea. But they've made some decent stuff, right? Like...picked nice polish colors and stuff?

Makeup...well they need to not be involved in makeup maybe. Because this stuff was horrid.

For starters the tubes are not really an acceptable size for such a tiny amount of product inside of them OR for the price point ($9.99 for that little ass thing is offensive, but I am more offended that I am a sucker. At least I used a coupon.)

Upon opening it up and removing the brush, which is about the only "positive" I can give it, it uses bristles, and not those annoying plastic rubbery things everyone is going to now...but my brush was wonk. It had flaying crazies going on. Despite that I gave it a go.

The formula is both too wet and too dry all at one time. It won't keep a curl, it totally straightened the lashes, but at the same time, the tube was almost totally dried out before I got done with the other eye. IN ONE DAY. I mean, seriously. One use and it's almost worthless already? That's pretty pathetic. By the time I got back to Ulta a few hours later it was almost rock hard inside the tube. The sales girls were talking about how much of it has been returned already, and they opened it and were like "it's dried out already...that is just gross".

The color is supposed to be black. This stuff is not really a black black. It took about 3 coats on each eye to really be noticeable, which is also pretty sad.

It wasn't dense, and didn't build well on itself. It didn't clump which is about the only positive I can say about it. But I have only had it on today for about 6 hours and if I had anywhere to be this evening, I would have to either remove it or apply something else over it to get anything to 1) show up and 2) last. It barely shows, no length or fullness whatsoever.

(ooh the eyes are wildly colored today. It's the blue tshirt and extra vibrant fresh hair).

As I am sure you can tell, this stuff is a pass. I am glad I gave it a go, if for no other reason than a review.  You can get it at Ulta stores, though not many are fully stocked IF they have it.


  1. looks great! can't go wrong with waterproof mascara :P

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  3. Your eyes are gorgeous....but that mascara is no bueno...especially for the price...thanks for the honest review


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