Monday, October 22, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Nars Blush, Torrid

I have always known NARS to make a nice blush. I have owned a few and returned a few, just bec I didn't love the color. Lately I'd been using a Cover Girl blush in a shimmery bright coral/peach, and I liked it, but I wanted a bigger pan for my brush to go over so I didn't have issues with stripes on my face. NARS was my first pick besides CARGO but CARGO didn't have a shade in stock I wanted.  I love the shade of Orgasm, but it's such a gold glitter bomb that I took it back. I was about to go with Deep Throat, a similar shade which is far less of a glitter bomb, til I saw Torrid. It's a deeper peach with gold shimmer and it's gorgeous on vs the more rosey shade of Deep Throat.  NARS blushes have pretty intense pigment and color payoff, so it's very important to not load the brush up.

I have used it every day for at least two months now, and I am in love. And you can barely tell I've used it. Fantastic color, fantastic blendability, and super soft on the skin. 

NARS is sold at Sephora and Nordstrom, and quite a few other locations. I got mine at Nordstrom for $28.00.

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