Thursday, August 23, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

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After seeing this brand at a few higher end shops, Whole Paycheck, and at a couple apothecaries in various cities, I did a little poking around. The line is natural and in most cases organic where possible, using little to no synthetic ingredients.  From what I gathered, this Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser was the "prize" in the selection of products. It's quite a range, and I might have to check a few more out. Esp that 10% Vitamin C serum. This getting older nonsense needs to be kaiboshed.

I ordered the "to go" size, which is smaller, and I've used it about once a week since I got it in July, and I still have two or three uses left.  You scoop a little into your hand and spread it on your wet face and then work it in. As the water mixes with it, the foaming action starts.  I had read you leave it on after it is all foam for a couple minutes, but I usually just rinse, because I have particularly angry skin, and I don't really want to find out how it reacts.  It is extremely grainy, and coarse grained. I wouldn't say it's scratchy on the skin, but it's "rougher" than many scrubs. It smells VERY citrusy fresh and nice. Very lemon-grassy.  When I rinse it, it's so soft I can't believe it's my face.  I then wash lightly with a foaming wash, either the LaMer or the simple, just to get any residue it could possibly leave behind.  Also--don't get too close to your eyes. Just a warning from experience.  I was practically screaming it burned so bad!

It does leave my face a bit tight after the shower, but I load up on actives afterwards anyway so it's not something I am super concerned with. I try to get some Differin on there, and some Finacea on there, then I moisturize. I feel like I just opened it all up, I might as well fill it up with meds!

The little to-go size is $10.95, the full size is $32.95.

I have seen it at Barneys, Whole Foods, and online in quite a few places, including and

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