Thursday, August 23, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW-LET: Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara

I was looking for a non-waterproof option for weekends that would be there but not waterproof for days I don't want to mess with serious makeup.  From the first use, the non-waterproof was extremely wet. Like, destroyed curl wet. So I let that sit now for a couple weeks and it's a lot better.  However, it's something I fear will not last me much longer, esp since I only use it on a day a weekend or something.  

I also picked up the waterproof option, which again, was also quite wet. I gave that another two days, and it made a significant difference. It was great for a whole week, every day. However...after that first was dried out to the point nothing would come out on the brush but a clump or two. So either there's VERY little in there, or that tube is not airtight...I can usually got 4 months unless I am piling it on before I need to toss a mascara.  

The brushes are both very nice, large, and very plush. They left my lashes looking awesome, no clumping, and the carbon black was a great shade of rich black. It was VERY waterproof, in a good way. I didn't worry about rubbing my eyes either. It stayed.

However..for $7 or whatever I paid for each one...the waterproof can not be worthless that quickly. I had to toss it a week later and that's not going to fly with me!

This is available at drugstores.

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