Thursday, August 23, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Skin Tint

After reading about this line of Vegan cosmetics around the net called Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC), I was pretty excited to finally suck it up and try it.  I was most interested in what was supposedly their amazing concealer, and based on the fact that the Skin Tint supposedly was quite pigment rich, I was excited to try that also.

They break their colors down into Y and R, Yellow and Red. So obviously Yellow for the warmer girls, and Red for the cooler girls. Y-0 through Y-5, and R-0 through R-5, lightest being 0 and darkest being 5. The shade range is pretty great for only having 12 total shades, and women of color will really be happy that they are included. Being pasty and a jaundiced olive, I went with a Y1 for the skin tint. I had been told it was quite pigmented, and that it would cover quite well. It is billed on their site as a Tinted Moisturizer.  Here's what it says on the site.

OCC Tint is a high-opacity, adjustable coverage Tinted Moisturizer that features a unique moisturizing complex made from purified water, coconut and wild berry extracts. It's also free of oil, silicone, parabens and petroleum-derivatives - no small feat for any foundation product! In addition to being great for everyday use, OCC Tint also withstands the test of any professional medium. Prior to its release, OCC Tint was field-tested backstage for two seasons at both New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week where models were seen on the catwalk, photographed from the risers and simulcast live in Hi-Def, with pixel-perfect skin courtesy of OCC Tint.

• An opaque but adjustable coverage, best applied with our #002 Foundation Brush

• 100% Vegan and also free of Parabens, Silicone & Petroleum-Derivatives
• Contains coconut & wild berry extract for a soothing, moisturizing finish

My order arrived almost 2 weeks ago, about 5 days after ordering.  I ordered 1 Y1 Skin Tint, and 1 Y1 and 1 R1 Concealer.  When I opened it, I was surprised at how pink the Y1 shade looked. Like..I am honestly wondering if that's really a Y shade. Especially since I was told and all the reviews online indicate that it should match the does not all.

I took a photo of it on my hand (after scrubbing concealer off of that's why its so red), next to my usual Laura Mercier Oil Free foundation (Porcelain Ivory). And the pinkness is extremely noticeable.    The consistency is extremely thin.  I didn't feel it as moisturizing, and it was ridiculous sheer. I mean...see through. I am having a hard time finding anything remotely opaque about it, nor was there any coverage.  Even as pink as it was, it didn't show on my face at all beyond just pinkness and covered nothing. I ended up putting on three coats. And still, nothing.  Except obviously looking sunburned. After about 5 minutes it started to kind of cake up. It was gross feeling and looking.

The OCC on the left, the LM on the right. Laura Mercier is the ONLY match I have on this planet apparently.

So then I just put on my regular foundation over top for actual coverage.  Within an hour, my face was just...slimy.  I consider this a bust...a $25.00 bust.  For those interested in a sheer coat of moisture, and I do mean sheer, you can get it online from their website. I returned it last week and received my refund today, a week later.

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