Thursday, August 23, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: La Mer Cleansing Gel

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I have been using the La Mer Cleansing Gel in alternation with SIMPLE moisturizing gel cleanser from the drugstore (well, Target), off and on now for about a year. With and without a washcloth or the Alien Laser Deathray Gun, aka Clarisonic (yes, that's maybe back around...)  It smells nice, and does not require very much to make a nice froth.  It's exceptionally foamy on the Clarisonic. I might use about a half of a pea size dab.  I got a few travel size bottles when I bought the La Mer special event set last year at Anniversary. That to me was the prize winner of everything I got. I have made a travel size last almost a year before repurchasing a fullsize, using gift cards.  It's a pretty nicely sized bottle, as it should be for sixty-five-fucking-dollars. It has a pump that locks, which I love.

I really waffled on it at first, especially due to that insane price, but my face looks really nice after I use it, and is not overly dried out. I usually apply moisturizer of some kind immediately out of the shower and even when I don't, I don't feel overly tight or parched.  Over the last few years, I've noticed a significant change in moisture levels in my face. I guess that happens in your mid-30s, but my cheeks, forehead and around my eyes are drier than I've ever noticed before, especially my cheeks. So I've been extra concerned about that.

Usually I wash first to get makeup off with DHC Cleansing Oil, and then use this La Mer at the end of my shower after all the conditioner is out of my hair.  If I had to change ANYTHING about this, it would be that I wish it pumped out LESS per pump? I just usually push very lightly to get just a tiny amount out.

The most important thing about this:  No breakouts or rashes. That's a biggie.  

Considering how littler is used at a time, this might break out into quite a good cost per use scenario, so perhaps not quite a budget-friendly upfront, but in the long run possibly not so bad. 

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