Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Kate Somerville Clinic to Go

So it's now been a whole four weeks and I have completed the whole 8 pad protocol.  I personally probably should not have bothered with this product.  That's your review in a nutshell, the short, short version.
Photo credit: Katesomerville.com

I used the pads every Thursday and Sunday and I see literally no change at all in my skin.  Since I use Differin/Tazorac several days a week off and on, I am probably more than exfoliated, not to mention washing my face with a washcloth and the occasional microdermabrasion scrub in the shower.  I notice no clarity change, no softness change, nothing.  Except that I paid $40 dollars for it. Perhaps it's because I use all of the above, or because it just isn't strong enough to work in light of that? Not sure.

When you apply the solution with the little pad, it burns like all hell for a few minutes--that could be because of the above. Then you rinse it off. I would then apply all my gels and creams and be done. I am really disappointed that this did nothing for me, especially since it's touted to be the closest thing to having a facial in her salon, minus the extractions.

So if you don't use all of the above, you can give it a whirl, but don't go in with high hopes. 

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