Saturday, October 15, 2011

One last update: Review to come..iPhone4S

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Obviously this new iPhone just launched and due to an unfortunate theft of my iPhone4, may she rest in peace with her creator, Steve "god" Jobs, I pre-ordered this new one, because if I was paying in full for the thing, I was getting the new one.

I received it from the UPS dude yesterday morning and tried activating it pretty much right away. That failed. So I set it aside. Tried again. Fail. Then I was on a damn mission. Kept trying. Little did I know that it was the beginning of an 8 hour disaster and a half. Supposedly there were issues with all the Apple-Sold ones, the carrier sold ones were fine. So I gave up. I had purchased a phone in the ATT store where my phone was stolen, and used a wonderful and gorgeous friend's upgrade on her account to fund it at a slightly less obscene pricetag as we were on a fun girls weekend.  When the announcement for the newest messiah phone was made, I immediately decided I was going to just preorder it. While a good idea, in theory, next time I am taking the damn day off and going to wait in line and get free goodies from the store. If the Woz can do it, I CAN DO IT.

I ended up going to the AT&T store last night after I shipped the aforementioned gorgeous friend the phone I had bought on our trip so that she has a nice new iPhone4. She is and was elated. I did however just neglect to mention that I had shipped her that PRIOR to activating my new one. Woops. But thankfully after a fight with traffic, I got to the ATT store, and a few kind sirs were able to make it work.  I got home, synced it. Put on a perfect application of the screen protector--I used a Zagg Invisible Shield. So when I turned it on this morning I was pissed to spot on the middle of the screen a tiny black microfiber, under the screen protector. Gah! Thankfully I had ordered a few new ones to test out by comparison to these.  I will have to do some kind of comparison shots before I peel this off. I cannot deal with things under the screen. Of COURSE it would be a perfect application....

So, as far as the phone, so far I noticed much more "zippiness" in how things are done, I have experienced MUCH faster internet, woohoo! I can read Perez and Dlisted and TMZ faster! I have tested the camera, and so far I love it.  The screen somehow seems nicer than on the 4, and I can't pinpoint why. The iCloud is interesting, though I don't usually use WIFI so I haven't tested out the photo stream thing. I also only have specific things syncing to that, and prefer to keep my backups and syncs on my computer where I have many backups. I might try to do a weekly iCloud backup of stuff only because that way if ALL my stuff walks off one day, I at least have something backed up.  I have NOT tested out Siri, though I might because I want some damn humor in my day, and thankfully Apple has a comedian on staff, because some of the replies I've read are pure gold, Jerry.

I went again with another Speck Candyshell, this time in Pirate Cove Teal and Black. I got it at the Apple store, it's built to work with the verizon version, and works perfectly for the new 4s.

I have only made a few calls, and those have been fantastic, though now I want to go to the few notorious cell dead zones and test this out.

I will do a better review in a few weeks after I have played with it. Not a TON has changed from original.

I do have a huge complaint that I hope Apple addresses in the next iOS5 update: MAKE NEWSSTAND MOVE INTO A FUCKING FOLDER PLEASE. I have my icons arranged 8 to one page and 8 to the other. I had to make another page to put this eyesore on because I can't jam it anywhere.  I have no desire to test it til good magazines are added, and will work in iPhone, so hiding it is important.

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